Liz Martin of The Charleston Weekender Loves Living the Good Life in Her Living Room

The lifestyle blogger and shop owner treats her home like her own personal sanctuary.

Liz Martin, the woman behind lifestyle blog The Charleston Weekender, has built up an impressive brand chronicling local happenings, offering workshops on social media growth, promoting sponsored content and more. The entrepreneur considers herself a lifestyle blogger, interior designer, content creator and stylist for other brands. The Charleston Weekender has even grown so far as to allow Martin to open her very own brick-and-mortar party shop, Cannonborough Collective.

Martin was born in Asheville, North Carolina but she now resides in Charleston with her husband Jonathan and their King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Maddie, the real scene-stealer of Martin’s Instagram. Her stylish digs have been featured on platforms and publications such as Apartment Therapy and Charleston Home & Design Magazine, to name a few.
Martin started offering interior design advice after leaving her job as a speech pathologist in 2015. “I just gradually started experimenting as an interior decorator,” said Martin. “It was something that I had always enjoyed doing for friends and in my own home, and it quickly became my side hustle.”
Martin’s business turned out to be much more than a side hustle, as the self-taught designer and blogger started using her keen eye for design to grow her Instagram presence. “As someone without a marketing budget, social media and word-of-mouth were really the only marketing I had access to.”
In spite of her and her husband being self-professed “workaholics,” Martin’s style is vibrant and playful with a healthy dose of Southern charm. “We lived in D.C. for a while, but we settled in Charleston because we like the slower pace,” said Martin. “We really love being back in the South and Charleston is such a supportive community.”
When Martin is home, she loves to settle down in her living room—the room in her house for which she is the most thankful.
The space has a bright, welcoming palette of muted grays, whites with accents of light blues, greens, golds and yellows. Lush houseplants in modern ceramic pots and bamboo baskets give the room a casual, organic feel. “I kept everything pretty neutral but added pops of color via pillows and plants,” Martin said.
“It's the first room you see when you walk in, so I wanted to make it great, and do so quickly,” said Martin, who only moved into the space last summer. “I work from home so I'm often sitting on the couch with my laptop, but it is also the main room we use for entertaining.”
Martin’s favorite piece of decor in the room is a Blue Jay Wallpaper accent wall by Kate Golding for Wynil.
“That whole nook with the swing chair and bird wallpaper makes me so happy,” Martin said of a corner of the room featuring a perfectly whimsical bamboo chair suspended from the ceiling, set against the spirited wallpaper. “I love creating little vignettes that can be used as spaces for appreciation. It allows you to stop, be present and find gratitude.”
On her inspiration for the space, Martin says that she took notes from the Summercamp Hotel in Martha's Vineyard, a seaside resort that aims to recreate the warm, nostalgic feeling of a childhood summer spent by the ocean. ”I wanted my living room to feel relaxed and playful, kind of like a calm retreat from my busy life,” said Martin. “I was majorly inspired by that space. I loved the idea of making my own home feel a little bit like a boutique hotel.”
For others looking for interior design tips, Martin’s advice is almost deceptively simple—create something you’ll be excited to come home to every day.
“It's always helpful to include an element you'll look forward to using,” said Martin, “like a fun bar cart or fabulous swing chair. I knew by giving myself a fun element like that, it would allow me to always truly appreciate this room.”
And appreciate it they do. Martin, her husband Jonathan and their furry friend Maddie often spend their days together on the room’s comfy, spacious sectional sofa. “It’s a quiet retreat that's perfect for reading and relaxing,” said Martin.
Martin’s main philosophy, and the founding principle of the Charleston Weekender, is to “live every day like it’s the weekend.” Here’s to creating your very own weekend getaway in the comfort of your own home!
Photograph by Margaret Wright.