Instagram Influencer and Interior Design Pro Theresa Gromski Is Very Thankful for Her Master Bedroom

And with two small children, the busy mom tries to enjoy it whenever she can!

Life can get extremely busy for U.K.-based Instagram influencer and home decor enthusiast Theresa Gromski.

Not only does she have an active illustrating career, but she is also a married mother of two. For these reasons, the room for which she is the most grateful is her master bedroom. Not only is her master bedroom a great spot in which to sleep, but it’s also a cozy haven that provides unparalleled unwinding possibilities after a long day.
Gromski admits that she doesn’t get to spend as much time in her master bedroom as she’d like due to her busy schedule, but once in a while she does manage to “sneak off” to read a book or take a nap. Here at ESTATENVY, we certainly wouldn’t blame Gromski for wanting to enjoy some waking whimsy in her master bedroom.
Gromski’s master is located within an Edwardian terrace house that was built by George Cadbury “of the chocolate fame,” Gromski said in an email. She added that the house was built for Cadbury’s workers at the nearby chocolate factory.
“I’ve lived in this house for six years and this room has gone through a few different reincarnations,” Gromski said. “I’ve recently redecorated in here and feel it’s just perfect. Now the floorboards are exposed and painted and there’s the addition of the wooden shutters and vintage-style radiator, which I love. I’m always inspired by Instagram and the beautiful homes I see on there. I’m very much inspired by designers such as Abigail Ahern and her use of texture and dark moody colors and use of natural elements like plants and flowers.”
Gromski described her master bedroom as lovely and relaxing, and it’s easy to see why. The room is absent of loud colors. Instead, there is a calming lilac, gray and white color scheme throughout the room, punctuated mainly by candles and a string of twinkle lights.
“I would describe the look in here as a mix of bohemian and vintage styles with a touch of Scandi Maximalism (that’s Scandi style but more ‘cluttered’ than your typical pared-back Scandinavian interior style),” she said.
In terms of her decor items, there’s quite a mix of older-looking stuff with modern touches, leading to an Old World feel that does not look out of date.
“I love the vintage pieces in here, the wooden chests and the large chest of drawers, which belonged to a dear friend who passed away a few years ago,” Gromski said. “I love finding vintage pieces in second-hand stores and eBay, as they are often much better quality than new furniture and give your decor a much more unique look.”
Her decorating flair has not gone unnoticed. Another thing Gromski is grateful for is Instagram, which has been a major creative outlet for her and provided opportunities.
“I’m grateful for the amazing brands and companies that now want to work with me since I started sharing my home and decor ideas on the platform,” she said.
Given its relaxing color scheme, comfortable furniture and soft lighting, no wonder Gromski likes to steal away to her master bedroom. We’re pulling for you to get that nap—you’ve certainly earned it.