This Interior Design Instagrammer Is Most Thankful for Her Kitchen

Sarah Brooks of lifestyle and design account @hearts_at_claremont spoke to ESTATENVY about just why her kitchen is the heart of her home.

By day, Sarah Brooks is a lawyer, but stop by her Instagram @hearts_at_claremont and you’ll see that she also has a serious passion for interior design. Brooks lives in a beautiful Edwardian home in Wirral, United Kingdom with her husband and their two children Daisy and Charlie, ages 9 and 11. She spoke with ESTATENVY on the room in her house that she is most thankful for—her kitchen.

“I’m a lawyer, but I have a passion for interiors and I’ve always loved seasonal decorating,” said Brooks. Take a quick scroll through her Instagram and you’ll see that each corner of her house is tastefully curated, simply radiating comfort and cleanliness with soft white hues and warm, neutral accents. Brooks’ kitchen often appears in her posts, and for good reason. They say “home is where the heart is,” and the heart of this home is the kitchen.
Brooks wanted the kitchen to look light and clean, a vision which has translated beautifully into a space characterized by a predominantly white color scheme complemented by a few scattered wood tones throughout. The space is a pairing of modern country farmhouse and Scandanavian style, making for an interior that is bright and inviting.
Brooks and her family moved into their current home about four years ago and she has been slowly transforming the space into her own ever since. The kitchen was her most ambitious project to date. Homeowners spend so much time in their kitchens that renovating them can seem like an overwhelming project, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right materials, sound budgeting and careful planning, anyone can have a kitchen space they never want to leave.
“I’m most thankful for our kitchen because we spent about three and a half years planning and saving for it,” said Brooks. “We weren’t sure what to do with the space. We considered extending it or changing up the layout. I’m really happy with how it turned out.” Originally, Brooks’ kitchen had a pantry that interrupted the flow of the space. She knocked out the pantry and added an island, making the room a perfect gathering spot when hosting friends and family.
Indeed, the kitchen is an essential meeting point in many homes, but Brooks’ is truly a centerpiece.
“We have breakfast together every day as a family before the children go off to school and my husband and I go off to work,” said Brooks. “Once school is out, the children will do their homework at the kitchen table while I cook dinner.” Brooks loves to cook, and said she does so nearly every night at home.
“My favorite item in the room is probably the wooden shelves. They were actually scaffold boards that my builder reclaimed for me,” said Brooks, who loves using the shelves both as a functional part of the kitchen and as an opportunity to display some of her favorite things. “My grandmother gave me some white ceramic spice jars that are some of my favorite pieces to put on display. These shelves are the perfect marriage of form and function,” Brooks emphasized, playing off of the other Scandanavian influences in the room.
When it came to designing her kitchen, Brooks collected interior design magazines and compiled her favorite pages into a scrapbook. “I have always been a creative person,” said Brooks. “I loved studying art at school, but I went into a career in law because I also have an interest in that. Deep down I’ve always had a passion for interiors and creating.”
In particular, Brooks said she loves implementing antique and secondhand items into her designs. “Upcycling furniture is so much fun for me. I love breathing new life into things with something as simple as a new coat of paint. I would much rather buy something old that has been well-crafted and that has a history to it than to buy something new.”
Brooks couldn’t be happier with how her kitchen turned out and emphasized that she’s glad she didn’t rush the process.
“I think that when you have to wait for something, it makes you really thankful for it and you appreciate it even more,” Brooks reflected. “I think that, by really taking your time and plan, it makes it so that, when your vision finally materializes, you feel so much happier than if you had it straight away. My kitchen makes me smile every day and there isn’t a single thing I regret putting in there or wish I had done differently.”