Megan Hopp Is Blazing the Way for Innovative Designers Everywhere

The creative director of The Everset and winner of Bravo’s ‘Best Room Wins’ is one of 2019’s top designers to watch.

When Megan Hopp moved to New York City, she had nothing in her bag but “a staple gun and a brain full of wallpaper.” Now, Hopp is changing the way people see interior design through a style that is completely her own.

 “It has always been extremely difficult to articulate my style through a single label,” said Hopp. “I am a modern designer who leans on color, shape and texture as the crux of my aesthetic. I'm a big fan of using historical influences in my design style, while not creating spaces that are too vintage or antique.”
Hopp founded her own residential and commercial boutique design firm in 2015, specializing in creating “real spaces for real people.” Hopp’s design choices are confident and unique, showcasing a tendency to substitute traditional neutrals for bright patterns, vibrant colors, and esoteric furniture.
“At the center of who I am as a designer and person, I have an inherent set of aesthetic loves that really don't change,” said Hopp. “I stand out as a designer because what I create, who I am and how I look are all one and the same—I don't worry about the ‘right way’ or ‘the cool way.. While my tastes may shift and evolve as trends come and go, there is always a through-line and signature style paying tribute to the tried and true elements of design that are my personal favorites.”
This year, Hopp’s big and brave aesthetic won her the prize on Bravo’s “Best Room Wins,” a reality show in which two interior designers go head-to-head in a competition to transform a couples’ lackluster space into a luxury vision. The final rooms are judged by overall look, budget and client satisfaction. In addition to taking home the prize, Hopp has been featured in top publications such as The New York Times, Elle Decor, Forbes and Domino.
2019 has proven to be a big year for Hopp, who also recently became the creative director of The Everset—a newly launched furniture rental company in New York City. The company was started alongside CEO and co-founder Gavin Steinberg and co-founder furniture retailer Jonathan Mitrani.
“My role at Everset is to guide and curate the look, feel and voice of the brand,” said Hopp. “As the creative director, I am in charge of building and maintaining our catalog, designing our curated room packages as well as staging our new development projects with our real estate partners.”
The Everset offers New York City renters the ability to show up to a new apartment with a suitcase and immediately start enjoying the home. Clients can choose from individual pieces of furniture or complete curated sets for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, or even design their own. This trailblazing new trend of furniture rental is catching on in the interior design world, with companies increasingly looking to offer homeowners an easier transition while also cutting back on the estimated 9.8 million tons of household waste.
 “The Everset catalog represents my aesthetic well in that it features stylish yet relaxed pieces with subtle mid-century influence,” said Hopp. “Taking on this new role has been such a unique and rewarding experience. Since coming from a more traditional interior design background, the opportunity to shift into a position where I am working on a design that will be accessible to such a large demographic is so exciting and energizing. Prior to teaming up with Gavin and Jonathan, I used to lie in bed at night and think of how I could get quality interior design to people in a single day—now that is my reality. The Everset is turning the way people furnish and create their homes upside down.”
When it comes to a signature design favorite, Hopp boils it down to one word: wallpaper. “I am the biggest pusher of paper—I'll wrap a client’s home like a birthday present if they let me. Wall coverings are my favorite interior design tool and I pride myself on my ability to introduce people to this design element that may have seemed scary or confusing to them in the past.”
According to Hopp, her in-depth design experience has resulted in a creative practice that operates primarily on impulse. Instead of constantly looking to follow new trends, Hopp is able to build creative work from the inside out and draw from an internal framework that allows for creative freedom.
“I have never been one to give in to peer pressure,” said Hopp. “The ‘cool way’ has always been of zero interest to me. If I didn’t feel like I invented a style, I just couldn't stomach it. This tendency has led to a very peculiar, specific and self-made career path. My design business was not structured in a standard way and my spaces constantly break the rules—although who made these rules anyway?”
Hopp has had a positive experience with each and every piece The Everset offers, including one of her personal favorites—a glossy yellow chair with “perfect shape, color and smooth texture.”
“At the end of the day, any work that is trying to mimic something else isn't going to be great,” said Hopp. “The truly fresh and excellent trailblazing work starts on the inside.”