Can a Bathroom Be Cozy? Instagram Influencer Tiffany Ciolino Tells All

A variety of textures and a neutral color palette are key to keeping things cozy in the bathroom.

A bathroom may not typically be thought of as a cozy space, but the possibilities are actually quite endless.

Just ask Tiffany Ciolino. The Instagram enthusiast, who operates under the handle @fauxfarmfixer, has several tips to make one’s bathroom a cozy, inviting and eye-catching space. A big DIYer, Ciolino has completed several projects around her house.
First off, when creating a cozy bathroom space, Ciolino is all about textures. When it comes to linens, her recommendations include Turkish towels and indoor/outdoor rugs. For the walls, she has used shiplap and antique frames in her own bathroom. Her Instagram contains photos of the bathrooms in her home. Viewers will see inviting spaces that incorporate different shades of wood and metal.
“I love a clean neutral palette so in order to add that coziness and keep it from feeling too stark or cold, texture is the key!” Ciolino said in an email.
Ciolino, who describes herself as a bargain hunter, advises those of her followers who want to find unique items to pound the pavement and explore thrift and antique stores.
“My go-to places to shop for home decor are antique and thrift shops, especially for things like antique frames or little wooden boxes to hold bathroom necessities,” she said. “My open shelves between my vanities and the antique corner storage piece were also secondhand. I just fixed them up a bit to fit my decor style and give that cozy vibe.”
Of course, Ciolino also recommends the tried-and-true e-commerce route as well.
“Target and Amazon are both great resources for affordable home decor,” she said. “My vanity mirrors are from Target at about $60 each and all of my linens were ordered on Amazon.”
Ciolino is also a fan of incorporating plants in the bathroom for a cozier feel.
“I actually find it much easier to care for my plants that are in the bathroom because there is such easy access to water,” she said. “Most house plants only need to be watered about once a week; however, it still slips my mind some weeks and the extra moisture in the air helps pick up the slack.”
And she has not forgotten about home dwellers who have windowless bathrooms.
“If you don’t have a window or adequate lighting in your bathroom then faux plants are the way to go,” she said. “They still give you a cozy feel with zero maintenance.”
While Ciolino is a fan of candles in the bathroom, she stays away from scented candles and instead opts for “clean-burning, soy-wax tapered candles in antique brass candle holders. I prefer to diffuse essential oils and use Epsom salts for a bit of a healthier alternative,” Ciolino shared.
Of course, a bathroom also often acts as a storage space for towels and surplus toiletries. Ciolino has plenty of suggestions to keep things both functional and visually appealing.
“I love open shelving because I feel like the options are endless,” she said. “You can use baskets or boxes or, like I’ve done, mason jars to store cotton balls, Q-tips and tea light candles.” She added that “Grouping together on shelves items like plants, jars, antique boxes or candles instantly gives that cozy vibe with little effort and serves as a great option for storage.”
Ultimately, many design decisions will be determined by the fact that the room in question is a bathroom, which means wetness and moisture will be major players.
“However, You do need to consider that it is a bathroom and there will be moisture, so choose your items wisely,” Ciolino said. “For example, I used an indoor/outdoor rug that I knew would hold up well and drapes that are made from painters drop cloths. My DIY shiplap walls are sealed and painted with an exterior semi-gloss paint in order to repel moisture as well.”
So there you have it. Embrace the possibilities and do what you can to make your bathroom a cozier space.
Just wash your hands before you leave.