DRYUNOW Stepped in To Save This Former Radio Host’s Home Studio During the Polar Vortex

When Bob Meyer’s office, bathroom, hallway and living room were damaged as a result of pipes bursting in below-freezing temperatures, DRYUNOW handled the incident with promptness and professionalism.

DRYUNOW is an emergency home restoration service with 15 years of experience in mitigation and reconstruction for residences and businesses affected by water, storm and fire damage. The services that DRYUNOW offers are fully customizable to each client and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When disaster strikes, navigating insurance policies can be a daunting process. DRYUNOW works with its client’s adjuster to make the process as easy as possible.

DRYUNOW customer Bob Meyer experienced this firsthand when disaster struck his Elyria, Ohio home in the midst of a polar vortex. The morning of February 1, 2019, Meyer awoke to find that the walls in his downstairs hallway were completely saturated with water. He immediately shut off the water and investigated further, but the damage had already been done. The home studio filled with his production equipment and thousands of valuable recording tape cassettes had seen serious water damage along with his bathroom, hallway and living room. Meyer had no idea what to do.
“I’m 70 years old and I had never used my insurance before,” said Meyer. “I called a representative from State Farm and they sent someone from DRYUNOW over right away.” Within a mere two hours, DRYUNOW’s Marketing Manager Shannon Niebes had braved the chilling, below-20-degree temperatures and arrived at Meyer’s home to assess the damages.
“Shannon arrived right away and calmed me down,” said Meyer. Niebes found a technician to replace the pipe and began inspecting the rest of the home. She also notified the DRYUNOW office of the damages in order to mobilize moving crews and mitigation technicians. “I had never experienced such a catastrophic loss as this and I was so reassured by DRYUNOW’s speedy service, professionalism and skill from their crew members,” Meyer said.
Meyer was reassured by DRYUNOW’s commitment to quality and prompt response. “I was so happy with how DRYUNOW reacted to the whole thing and the company’s level of professionalism that I hired the company to do the entire restoration,” said Meyer. “I felt like my home and possessions were in great hands because of the way Shannon handled herself and reassured me during a time of crisis.”
Within two days, all affected rooms were packed out and demolition was completed. From start-to-finish, the entire process was completed in less than 60 days, which is an impressive turnaround time considering the high concentration of storms in northeast Ohio at that time.
“We couldn’t have met this timeframe without help from Nate Courtney’s team,” mentioned Niebes. “We have an excellent relationship with State Farm and Nate’s office provides information and support to streamline the process. It’s truly a team effort!”
“Every single crew that DRYUNOW brought in was absolutely professional, patient, listened to all of my questions and did everything above and beyond,” said Meyer. “The entire job was perfectly done and it all came down to working with DRYUNOW.”
In addition to new carpeting, painting and other services, Meyer’s video collection required special support to ensure that every item was accounted for and reset in the exact location as that in which they were catalogued. This effort required meticulous attention and care that DRYUNOW handled with ease.
DRYUNOW superintendent Glenn McFeaters was particularly impressed with his crew members. “Bob was a wonderful customer,” said McFeaters. “He owned thousands of personal video tapes that contained more than thirty years of recording history. Kudos to our team that worked diligently to restore his studio as it was. We place this extra ounce of care in every project and it mattered most for Bob.”
The State Farm team was very supportive during the restoration process, answering questions and helping Meyer expedite his claim for the fastest-possible service. DRYUNOW worked with the insurance adjuster to ensure the appropriate scope and costs to properly restore Meyer’s home. “I never want to go through a process like this again,” Meyer said, “but DRYUNOW and State Farm were absolutely wonderful to work with.”
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