Why I Refer DRYUNOW: State Farm Agent Robbie Anderson Continues To Recommend DRYUNOW’s Restoration Services

DRYUNOW’s industry-leading services, customer support and one-stop-shop business approach set it apart in the restoration segment.

DRYUNOW is dedicated to providing exceptional mitigation and reconstruction services to residential and commercial clients, setting itself apart from the competition through immediate response and personalized service. The emergency restoration company offers a wide range of 24-hour-disaster and reconstruction services to deal with structural damage due to disasters such as flooding, storms, fire or smoke.

After 15 years in the remodeling industry, DRYUNOW transitioned from remodeling to restoration work in 2014. Now, the company’s target referrers include property managers, plumbers and fire departments, with insurance agents, home inspectors and firefighters bringing in a great deal of business for the brand.
One of these insurance agents, State Farm’s Robbie Anderson of North Olmsted, Ohio, continues to recommend his clients to DRYUNOW’s exceptional services, reliable customer support and holistic approach.
“Most of our clients are dealing with disasters for the first time, so they look to us for guidance,” said Anderson. “When they need a provider for any of their services, we take the referral process very seriously.”
Whether it be broken pipes, flooded basements or backed-up sewage, these situations are extremely urgent and require quick and efficient response times. According to Anderson, DRYUNOW is extremely responsive, differentiating itself from their competition on the back-end by providing a one-stop-shop service in which customers don’t have to worry about reaching out to multiple, outsourced contractors.
With its roots in remodeling, DRYUNOW takes exceptional pride in the finished product and has extended that pride into restoration services. By handling a majority of the work in-house, the DRYUNOW team assures consistent and reliable restoration from start to finish.
DRYUNOW offers a variety of services to its customers. Its 24-hour disaster services include water damage mitigation, tree removal, storm damage repair, fire restoration and catastrophe response. DRYUNOW also offers complete reconstruction services for both residential and commercial properties.
“People buy insurance to protect themselves from that catastrophic event no one wants to find themselves in,” said Anderson. “At State Farm, we want someone that is going to put the customer back in action and make them whole, restoring whatever they lost. I need to have enough confidence in the restoration company to hand off the customer’s request.”
Anderson’s confidence in the brand is a product of face-to-face meetings with the three owners—Matt Bush, Brian Masters and Glen McFeaters—as well as personal and professional experience with the DRYUNOW service. “The team is just as thorough and efficient on the back-end as they are on the front-end,” said Anderson.
DRYUNOW’s investment in resources for training and development ensures excellent customer service thanks to the brand’s vetted and competent technicians. Emergency disasters can be an extremely emotional and stressful time and according to Anderson, DRYUNOW has the software and technology to interface with State Farm’s claims department and optimize the claims process, making it as easy and streamlined as possible.
“Customers rely on State Farm to refer efficient and trustworthy contractors to come into their homes during a highly emotional and vulnerable time,” Anderson said. “The more we work with DRYUNOW, the more confidence we have in recommending their services to our clients.”