After a Flooding Disaster at the Worst Possible Time, DRYUNOW Stepped In To Save the Day

The disaster restoration team reconstructed Jackie Leyden’s home from the ground up, providing exceptional customer service and support along the way.

For 15 years, DRYUNOW has been dedicated to providing exceptional mitigation and reconstruction services to residential and commercial clients, setting itself apart from the competition through immediate response and personalized service. The emergency restoration company offers a wide range of 24-hour-disaster and reconstruction services to deal with structural damage due to disasters such as flooding, storms, fire or smoke.

One of these disasters occurred in February of 2019, a week before North Royalton, Ohio resident Jackie Leyden was set to close on the sale of her home to buyers Dave and Wendy Kolomijez. When pipes froze and burst inside of the empty home, all three floors of the house were saturated with water damage, including massive structural damage on every level—even the basement. The sale of the property was placed on hold, much to everyone’s dismay.
“After the accident, I was recommended to DRYUNOW by our insurance agent, Bev Leoce,” said Leyden. “Once I spoke to DRYUNOW’s Brian Masters on the phone, I knew I was in good hands.”
Leoce, the referrer at State Farm who first connected Leyden with DRYUNOW, said that the emergency restoration company is one the agency often refers to clients with water damage. “We were connected to DRYUNOW through Shannon Niebes, the marketing representative of the company. Since recommending DRYUNOW’s services, we’ve only received positive feedback, and Jackie Leyden’s story is a prime example of that.”
According to Leoce, Leyden was devastated, but the team at DRYUNOW took control of the urgent situation, putting both Leoce and Leyden at ease. Of course, the work was only beginning.
The project began during a catastrophically cold winter in Northeast Ohio. After ensuring that the electrical service was unaffected, DRYUNOW provided demolition and drying services for the following two weeks. This proved to be a massive process that required crews on-site for up to 12 hours daily, including weekends. Since time was of the essence due to the pending sale of the home, DRYUNOW made sure to exhaust all resources to expedite the process.
“I was extremely impressed with our mitigation crews, stated Mitigation Supervisor, Matt Bush. Kyle Taylor and the rest of our team worked tirelessly and exceeded all expectations at a critical time.”
Approximately four months later, DRYUNOW had completed all services, including the full replacement of two bathrooms, a full kitchen renovation, restoration of the majority of the flooring, ceiling, walls and trim work, a significant amount of painting and massive cleaning. When it was all said and done, the total project cost an estimated $100,000 in repairs.
Meanwhile, the buyers of the home—Dave and Wendy Kolomijez—found themselves in a stressful and difficult housing situation. In order to accommodate and support the needs of the client, the company allowed the new homeowners to move in and reside in the house while construction was underway. While this was not necessarily standard operating procedure, the team at DRYUNOW knew how urgent this matter was and took its customer support that one extra step.
“At the time, we had a 5-year-old daughter and DRYUNOW let us move upstairs while the crew remodeled downstairs,” said homeowner Dave Kolomijez. “The support and constant contact we received from DRYUNOW was incredible—we were kept in the loop every step of the way. Not only did they keep everything safe while working on the electrical wiring and plumbing, but we were able to pick out all of the new amenities for the house, including carpeting, light fixtures and cabinets.”
DRYUNOW Project Manager, Glenn McFeaters, felt teamwork played a crucial role. I can’t thank our team members enough—from Mandy Lesner in our corporate office to our Lead Carpenter, Mike Incze, everyone was fantastic from day one.”
According to Leyden, she was elated with the DRYUNOW services and was even jealous of the home after the repairs were complete. “Everything that DRYUNOW did made me feel as though I was in good hands,” said Leyden. “They kept the services personalized and comfortable for all of us who were involved.”
As the current homeowner, Kolomijez could not have been happier with DRYUNOW’s services. “Although it was a massive undertaking, they worked fast and efficiently to renovate, repair and remodel the house,” he said. “The flooding was a disaster but DRYUNOW took a difficult situation and made the entire experience as painless as possible, providing that extra care every step of the way.”
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