The No. 2 Most Affordable Housing Market: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Many refer to Fort Wayne as Indiana’s hidden gem.

Indiana is a state that’s often forgotten, but the town of Fort Wayne has much to offer––a blossoming botanical garden conservatory, an array of art museums and affordable homes for new home-buyers, for example.

Purchasing your first home isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, but when you’re looking at homes in the second most affordable housing market in the country, you simply can’t go wrong. According to RealtyHop, the average home sales price in the city is $120,000—and further research shows that households “would need to only spend 15.8% of income toward homeownership costs.”
So, what is Fort Wayne known for? Well, for starters, it is the second largest city in the Midwestern state, and was named after General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, a military leader. Another historical fact about the city is that the Wabash and Erie Canal earned Fort Wayne the nickname “Summit City” because it was the highest point above sea level along the whole canal route.
The more you know, right? Today, Fort Wayne is known as a major metropolitan area that’s continuously expanding and growing.
Former house-flipper turned real estate agent David Brough explains that Fort Wayne has always enjoyed a pretty steady and conservative housing market.
“Our home prices don’t accelerate like they do in other areas of the country, but they don’t decline very much during down markets either,” Brough said. “Up until 2015, sellers would be shocked to learn that their value wasn’t much higher than it was when they purchased their home four or five years prior.”
So why should buyers consider calling Fort Wayne their new home? According to Brough, “Fort Wayne is on the rise!”
From new investments being made in the downtown area to new jobs, restaurants and entertainment options, there’s much to look forward to. Tyler Kees, president of the Home Builders Association of Fort Wayne,also referred to the future of the city’s local housing market as “cautiously optimistic.”
“Fort Wayne is an amazing place to raise a family, and our home purchasing power is better than almost any other part of the country’s,” Brough said. “Do a search online for what you can get for just $300,000 here!”
If there’s one thing about Fort Wayne that Brough cherishes the most, it’s the people. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by welcoming neighbors?
“People are generally kind and caring for each other. I think this is surprising to a lot of people who move to our city,” Brough said.
And if you love live music, then you’ll love the Clyde Theatre. This rockin’ entertainment venue was recently renovated and is known as one of the town’s hotspots. With shows premiering every weekend, you’ll never be sitting at home twiddling your thumbs on a Saturday night.
Within the town’s three rivers, Fort Wayne has an abundance of parks, including one of the country’s best zoos––Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Another favorite daytime activity to enjoy is catching a TinCaps game! While Indiana may not be well-known in the sports world, this minor league baseball team is proud to represent Fort Wayne and give sports lovers a good game.
Fort Wayne may not be the most popular Midwestern city quite yet, but the town’s big plans to build and expand may give Chicago a run for its money in the future!