The Best City For Millennials: Salt Lake City, Utah

Yes––Salt Lake City gives you plenty of opportunities to take the perfect Instagram shot.

The millennial generation is all grown up and off purchasing their own homes––specifically in Salt Lake City, Utah. The canyon-covered town instantly captures one’s attention with its red rocky trails and hills covered in blossoms aplenty.

Imagine––waking up in your room with a cup of hot coffee in hand and staring out your sliding glass door to the breathtaking sight of snow-capped mountains. If that’s not a photoshoot opportunity, we don’t know what is. Besides the amazing view, Salt Lake City has much to offer and folks of the millennial generation seem to be living their best life in the western state.
According to Conway Inc., “Utah has the third highest number of millennials in the country, with 23.6% of the state’s population between the ages 20 and 34.” Move over L.A. and Manhattan because Salt Lake City seems to be attracting the younger generation left and right.
The diverse landscapes give millennials the option to ski, snowboard, bike, hike, camp and enjoy every outdoor activity in between. Salt Lake Board of Realtors President Scott Robbins said you can’t beat the mix of the outdoor scene and housing affordability that the town has to offer.
“You have everything at the tip of your fingers here––you’re surrounded by mountains, trails and lakes and I think those outdoor activities excite the millennial generation the most,” said Robbins.
Millennials value the great outdoors so much that they even incorporate it inside their homes. Robbins previously worked with a millennial who turned his garage into a rock-climbing wall––a true DIY genius. 
“The younger generation is attracted to the latest outdoor gear, whether that be a new tent, bike, skiis or paddleboard,” said Robbins. “They need a place to keep all their toys.”
Along with the beautiful outdoors that make Salt Lake City seem like a scene right out of a movie, Salt Lake City can say that business is booming. Silicon Slopes a.k.a the Silicon Valley of Utah is home to several well-known brands such as Adobe, Microsoft and eBay. These companies are taking advantage of all the young professionals and new graduates in the area and according to Robbins, millennials are a huge contributor to the city’s job expansion.
“Salt Lake City has 25-year-olds who know how to code, develop websites and get their hands dirty with all sorts of tech,” said Robbins. “There’s so much talent here and millennials are attracted to the job opportunities here.”
With all of the young professionals making their way to Salt Lake City, there’s lots of construction happening around town. In September of 2020, Salt Lake City’s $3 billion new airport will be completed, as will ample new living spaces such as modern and luxury condos and apartments.
While many may favor the contemporary vibe that these new apartment complexes exude, Cityhome Collective managing director Miriem Boss says that many millennials prefer to purchase a place that’s been broken in because it adds character.
“Interestingly, we’ve seen a lot of young people purchase single-family homes that have already been lived in,” said Boss. “Millennials don’t want your basic white-walled apartment or condo––they crave a space with a story and a little midcentury vibe.”
To top it off, Salt Lake City drips with the trendiest bars and restaurants for millennials to hit up. According to Boss, her favorite activity to do downtown is try the newest breweries and eateries around Salt Lake City.
“There’s so much creativity around Salt Lake City’s food industry,” said Boss. “It’s blossoming right now. My favorite places are Emmigation Brewing Co. and HSL.”
The city’s future has never looked brighter in terms of population and business growth. Over the past couple months, there’s been a lot of talk about the market softening and recession coming and according to Robbins, he’s “not feeling any of that in Salt Lake City.”
“Salt Lake City is becoming part of the discussion and challenging these other larger cities,” said Robbins. “Builders are building like crazy––the trajectory is strong growth.”
As the millennials would say, it looks as if Salt Lake City is #thriving.