Decorating Based on Your Myers-Briggs: Sensing vs. Intuition

Whether you are more aware of your immediate physical surroundings or you prefer to dwell on your future, we’ve got you covered!

There are many ways to come up with a decorating style for your home, and those who are at a loss for where to start can look no further than their own personality. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one way to get started, and two of the purported psychological preferences under this system are Sensing and Intuition.

According to Myers-Briggs, a sensor is more in tune with their physical reality. They live in the now and, chances are, retain only information that is important to them. They are considered more realistic than their intuitive counterpart. Oh, and they tend to be very detail-oriented.

The intuitive, on the other hand, is more contemplative and a thinker who is into abstract concepts. Unlike their sensor counterpart, the intuitive person is more focused on the future and thinks about the possibilities. It’s safe to consider them idealists.

On that note, let’s explore the decorating possibilities for each of these wonderful groups of people!

The Sensor’s Home

Since the sensor is all about the present and, well, their senses, it makes sense (ha!) that their home would be a physically delicious place in which to reside. Indeed, the sensor will greatly benefit from having a home that literally makes them feel physically comfortable and enjoy being in the moment.

To that end, it is crucial that the sensor invests in exceptionally beautiful linens throughout the house. Think chenille throws for the couch, Egyptian cotton sheets and goose feather duvets for the bed and the softest towels they can find and afford.

This principle should also be applied to the kitchen. Indeed, nicer kitchen linens should be a major priority. (Side note: Simply updating linens—and, of course, keeping them clean and making your bed every morning—will automatically add major oomph to your living space.)

The sensor would also enjoy installing their favorite plants throughout the house. Not only will they be visually appealing, but they will also bring an ambiance of freshness to the home. Also worth a splurge are nice candles. This will all contribute to an overall relaxing atmosphere.

Great care should be taken when selecting items such as hand soaps for the bathrooms and kitchen. After all, it’s the little touches that truly make a home, and sensors are all about the details.

When it comes to wall art and other types of home decor, every piece of decor should be very specific to the sensor’s personal taste, as they will truly get daily enjoyment from looking at things that make them happy and bring back positive memories. Statement art is far from being a priority for the sensor—although if they happen to like statement art, then it’s a win-win.

Bottom line: The sensor gets major pleasure out of enjoying the moment. With this in mind, they are sure to have an abode that is pleasing to all of their senses and reflective of their personal style.

The Intuitive’s Home

Now, let’s run with the intuitive’s interest in abstract concepts for a bit.

Home decor should literally be more abstract, and there are plenty of options for that through vendors such as Z Gallerie and Pottery Barn. Cookie-cutter artwork should be avoided, as the intuitive might find it to be incredibly boring. Indeed, decorative items such as puzzle boxes will help keep the intuitive’s busy mind entertained.

Since the intuitive is more about the big picture than the details, they’ll benefit from having items that will help them remember details and keep them organized in their day-to-day lives. Office-related items that will be especially helpful include a nice, big corkboard, a sophisticated filing system with labels galore and a high-end agenda.

All of that big-picture thinking can make for a racing mind, so it’s vital that the intuitive’s home is equipped for both maximum relaxation. Think lots of neutral colors with clean lines. This will help the intuitive maintain focus, as there won’t be too many distractions to hinder their productivity.

This is not to say that the intuitive’s house will be boring—far from it. Their home, though, will likely be more mainstream and pleasing to a wider audience. The intuitive’s ambitions and big-picture thinking skills mean they possibly socialize with a wider circle of people, and having those people over necessitates creating a hassle-free space in which many can comfortably move, converse and feel at ease.

Bottom line: The intuitive likes to think big-picture and look into the future. They should decorate to minimize distraction and help keep them on track in their day-to-day lives. Then they’ll really be ready to conquer the world!