Decorating Based on the Zodiac: Fire Signs

Heat up your interior design game with these tips for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Do you find yourself drawn to certain aesthetics, colors or spaces, but never considered why? The secret could be in your zodiac sign! When it comes to personalizing your space, having insight on your sun sign could help strike harmony in your home. For warm, vibrant fire signs—Aries, Leo and Sagittarius—the right vibes are like kindling for their blazing energy. Check out these suggestions to fire up your space.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

For proud, passionate Leos, the general rule of thumb is “more is more.” Even more introverted Leos love to show off their personal taste and take great pride in their possessions. Leos don’t follow trends—they create them—and their often eccentric personal style and decorating tastes will reflect that.

Leos may feel invigorated by ornate accents like gold and metallics. Soft, tactile surfaces also make the homey Leo purr. The contrast between cozy and flashy is where Leo’s heart lives. Note all of these textural and visual contrasts in famous Leo Kelis’ eclectic yet welcoming home.

Leos love to put on a show, and their home is the main stage. Having a large, cozy space for entertaining is important for the ever-social Leo. Look for furniture that speaks to function over form. Big dinner tables and comfortable couches are Leos’ happy place—something that can handle the occasional red wine spillage.

Famous Leo Kylie Jenner’s home reflects this perfectly, as noted by her interior designer Martin Lawrence Bullard. “The look is glamorous but totally inviting. Kylie loves to have people over, and there’s nothing so precious that you can’t stand, jump or dance on it,” said Bullard. Lighting candles will also make a Leo home feel energized—just don’t leave them on the dance floor.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. They may have a reputation for being impulsive, domineering and hot-headed, but they’re also highly enigmatic, meticulous and resourceful. For the supercharged Aries, their home is their safe space to unwind.

Red is a great power color for Aries, but use it only sparingly as an accent. Too many fiery colors will get an Aries charged up. Stick with light, neutral colors as a canvas and build from there.

Nothing makes an Aries heart sing like a perfectly cleaned and curated space. Take note of Aries Mariah Carey’s infamous episode of cribs where an entire floor of her townhome was devoted just to her closet. Or perhaps there is her meticulously organized and color coded shoe closet, deemed her “favorite room in the house.”

An Aries’ home may be comfortable—some Aries could even love entertaining—but it will never be casual. Aries are very ambitious and feel at their best when everything and everyone is exactly where they want it. See the organized chaos that is Aries Amy Sedaris’s Greenwich Village apartment.

Aries love to relish in their own accomplishments, so adorning their home with awards, artwork they have made or pictures of themselves will be electrifying for their space. Aries also tend to have a lot of energy to burn. It might be a good idea to curate a dedicated area just for exercising (although Aries would probably prefer having a full bar cart.)

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

Bold and playful, Sagittarians are drawn to deep, rich colors, contrasting patterns and jewel tones. Many Sags also have a wicked sense of humor or taste for the absurd, and this is often reflected in their personal style or home’s decor. To say the least, Sagittarians are not afraid of animal print.

While Taylor Swift’s personal style trends somewhat conservative, her home is purely Sagittarian. Deeply saturated jewel-toned furniture and walls, rustic wooden accents, clashing prints and sprawling indoor plants and are quintessential elements to Sagittarian decor.

Having an open, outdoor space that allows them to connect with nature is also important to Sags, as evidenced by Swift’s welcoming backyard. If you don’t have the space for a garden of your own, try decorating with lots of plants and indoor herbs.

Jimi Hendrix’s former flat, recreated to how it looked in the late ‘60s by a London museum, is another great example of a signature Sagittarian decorating. Earthy accents, deep colors, complex fabrics and a bohemian flair are all proudly on display in Hendrix’s home.

Stepping into a Sag’s space is like seeing their lifetime of adventures all collected in one place. Whether their wares are from across the world or the next neighborhood over, Sags tend to gravitate towards unique items that stand out to them or stray from the norm. Sagittarians will always go for items that are unique or exciting over functionality or what is fashionable.