Underground Real Estate and the Emergence of Cave Homes

Taking a look inside some of America’s most interesting residential cave architecture.

When it comes to real estate, buyers and developers are always looking for the newest trends in order to stand out and work towards something truly special. While cave dwellings date back to the Stone Age, it was only a matter of time before modern civilization found a way to merge a cave with the luxury finishes homeowners look to include in today’s residential landscape.

While living in a cave might seem unconventional (it is), there are actually some incredible homes that have been built this way over the last several years. The idea of developing your home within a large, untouched space—while also owning an actual cave—is something not many homeowners can claim. Here are a few examples of underground homes throughout the United States that would give the Batcave a run for its money.

One of the most notable cave homes is located in the Arkansas Ozarks. The Beckham Creek Cave House is a luxurious and comfortable home. The entire property is a private 260-acre lot and allows visitors to book the space for everything from company retreats to vacations to weddings. The living space itself takes up nearly 6,000 square feet and features four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The lot also includes several other caverns and cave tunnels, including a section with a waterfall, all of which have not been changed from their organic structure. Being situated inside a cave, the home also has its own geothermal heating system. As if the interior space of the home does not provide enough intrigue, the outside property includes a barn with horse stables, an additional apartment, spring-fed lake, helicopter pad and more.

While you wouldn’t immediately think of “caves” when hearing “Missouri,” the Sleeper family of Festus created a pretty interesting cave house there. Simply known as “Caveland,” this 17,000 square foot cave is now host to a home and family.

Originally a mine, throughout the years the cave has taken on several different forms—including when it became a roller rink and concert venue hosting celebrities such as Tina Turner, Bob Segar and Ted Nugent. The cave includes three chambers; one of those takes up two floors and is more than 2,200 square feet. The upstairs area has three bedrooms and a bathroom. The lower level features the kitchen, main entrance and family area. Other chambers contain the laundry room, showers and storage. The home also includes an indoor natural ground-water spring pool and, similar to that of the home in the Ozarks, a geothermal system that keeps the property at a 70-degree temperature throughout the year.

If the western desert is more your style, you will enjoy taking a look at the Chulo Canyon House located in the desert hills near Brisbee, Arizona. The home is about 3,000 square feet and has a lot of what you would see in a ranch house. The home has an elevation of 5,300 feet and the entire mountain area includes 37 acres with ponds, library, guest house and more. Although built within a mountain, the home includes modern appliances, custom cabinets and even a dual-flushing toilet.

Cave homes can be found scattered throughout several mountains over the world, with Tennessee and Missouri being two of the more popular states for them here in the U.S. Other areas like Southwestern Arizona and New Mexico also provide some great real estate for homeowners looking to cave their budget in a unique piece of real estate.