This 24,500-Square-Foot Utah Estate Knows How to Throw a Party

1445 West Grande Circle is home to not one, but two home theaters, a cosmic bowling alley, an arcade and more outrageous indoor entertainment features.

Whatever happened to the great indoors? Fresh air is overrated.

Just kidding. But if you’re like us, and sometimes the thought of leaving the house for a social outing, or even going to Jewel-Osco, is just too daunting, wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in your favorite pastimes from the comfort of your own home?

We imagine the original residents of 1445 West Grande Circle in Washington, Utah share our sentiment, judging by the multitude of amenities and recreational features that the 36-room estate contains.

Built in 2008 and spanning an impressive 24,500 square feet, the spectacular abode that resides along the perimeter of the Green Springs Golf Course contains nearly every form of entertainment imaginable, as the estate takes a true “something for everyone” approach.

Can’t agree on a movie? No matter. The home contains not one, but two home theaters to help eliminate the need for anyone to settle—just kick your feet up and enjoy alone! There’s also a two-lane cosmic bowling alley in the basement for whenever you’re looking to wade into the inner limits of both techno music and athleticism.

Need a drink? You’ve come to the right place—namely, a fully functioning sports pub with Vegas-style décor that is complete with a gourmet kitchen, hanging scoreboards and an arcade room with a pool table.

Complete with seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a six-car garage and 18 flat-screen TVs controlled by a whole-house smart entertainment system, this house is the ultimate destination for a rager. Entertainment features aside, though, the home is also quite opulent; custom woodwork is featured throughout the home, from the elevator (oh yeah, there’s an elevator, too) to the spiral slide that serves as an outrageously fun means of transportation between floors to the wood-and-iron grand staircase that greets visitors as they pass through the front door into the foyer.

Speaking of the foyer, if its 55-foot-tall glass atrium with waterfalls—yes, plural—cascading down to door-level from three stories up wasn’t enough, the brightly colored LED lights that adorn it and are adjustable to your heart’s content may just do the trick.

And if you are for, some reason, nostalgic for the outdoors while traversing the floorplan of this luxury Tuscan-style estate, never fear—just take a trip to the great room, where large, butted glass windows give way to picturesque views of Zion National Park, Pine Valley Mountain, Southern Utah’s Red Rocks, and the city lights of St. George, per the home’s Zillow listing.

With all of these amenities under one roof, it's no wonder that 1445 West Grande Circle has been featured on “MTV Cribs” and ESPN, and has also taken home first prize in the St. George-area Parade of Homes, Zillow notes.

“This is the ultimate playground for kids and adults,” a real estate agent once peddling the property told Forbes in 2013. “The family never really has to leave the house.”

Case in point: the great indoors await you.