Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard

You don’t have to break the bank to make your outdoor living area more appealing.

Extending your living space to truly encompass your backyard has become an increasingly large trend for homeowners across the U.S. Home owners are finding creative ways to make ‘rooms’ outside. If you don’t have a budget to build an extravagant area, don’t worry! There are plenty of options to liven up your backyard without spending an arm and a leg.

George Gehringer and Karen Pearlstein of Metaphor LLC, a design consultancy studio and manufacturer of architectural planters and outdoor décor, teamed up with AZEK and TimberTech, premier brands of low-maintenance, high quality and durable outdoor building products to compile trends that have been gaining popularity across America. Below, you’ll discover a few ways to increase your outdoor appeal.

One of the easiest and affordable updates you can make in your outdoor space is to add decorative lighting. Not only do lights help with safety, but they also illuminate your space so friends and family can gather late into the evening. And better yet, globe string lights can be purchased for as low as $20, with many varieties ringing in around $40.

But lights aren’t the only option to illuminate the backyard. Fire pits have gained popularity over heat lamps, with affordable options coming in under $100. The added bonus of the fire pit is that it not only allows for you and your loved ones to make s’mores without going camping, but it also lets you extend your outdoor space through cooler evenings and months.

With the extra time spent outside, an outdoor stereo system or speakers will come in handy to create an enjoyable atmosphere. With many elaborate options coming in around $200, and portable speakers for less than $50, there are a variety of options to amp up your surroundings to play tunes to your liking.

Another way to enhance your backyard is to add plants surrounding your seating area. Whether you choose to go with a big ceramic, plastic or wood planter area, if you put together a nice, green area, you can feel engrained within the outdoors. A variety of planters can be purchased for less than $50.

And finally, if your concrete walkway is looking like it has seen better days, you can upgrade the space with AZEK Pavers. The pavers are made from a high performance composite material, offering a natural appearance and leaving homeowners with peace of mind because the pavers resist stains and scratches. Laid on a patented grid system, pavers may be self-installed similarly to arranging Legos and are available at Home Depot.

From lighting and heating options to music and greenery, there are a variety of ways to make your backyard’s ambiance more comfortable and inviting, all at a surprisingly low cost.