For Real Estate Leader Nancy Nagy, Empowering Others Outweighs All

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KoenigRubloff Realty Group weighs in on the current landscape of the real estate industry and what’s to come.

From very early on in her career, Nancy Nagy was destined to become a leader. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KoenigRubloff Realty Group began her professional journey in Washington, D.C. working for her local congressman. There, she had the opportunity to work with leadership in the executive and legislative branches of government, an experience that had a tremendous influence on her personal and professional goals.

During that time, she saw firsthand how great leaders could make a difference by empowering others, instilling in Nagy the desire to do the same. Her career eventually took her to Chicago, where she managed communication, government and investor affairs for a large public company before taking a job in the real estate industry, where she’s remained ever since. 

ESTATENVY chatted with Nagy about her take on the industry and how she’s been able to grow Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KoenigRubloff Realty Group into one of the leading home service providers in the Chicagoland market.

EE: How did you first get involved with the real estate industry?

NN: In Chicago, I was offered a business development opportunity with a company that supported residential brokerage, commercial appraisal and property management, and I eventually became an owner of the company. This business has terrific synergy with my values system, so it’s been an honor to lead real estate companies for the last three decades.

EE: What do you love about the industry?

NN: Real estate is such a big part of our economy, and it’s one of the best ways for families to create their own wealth. Having the ability to support both consumers and brokers on that path is incredibly rewarding.

Providing agents opportunities to achieve their personal goals and to become entrepreneurs is a powerful motivator. And a significant part of supporting agents is developing managers as leaders so that they can have the same impact.

There’s really no limit to what someone can achieve in this business. At the end of the day, if you play a role in helping someone pay for college or taking care of their parents, there is no greater accomplishment.

EE: What do you wish you could change in real estate?

NN: If I could change something, it would be to relieve the anxiety of change for others. In the last 10 years, our industry has evolved incredibly quickly. Every change creates opportunity. Being able to adapt, while staying focused on serving clients first and being true to your core values, lets you clearly see where the business will be today and in the future.

There are many moving parts to get to the closing table on time. Studies show that buyers and sellers want a simplified process, so we provide affiliate lending, title and insurance services through sister companies that work together to streamline everything in-house. Because we communicate with each other, our clients don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises.

EE: What's the biggest change you've seen in the industry since you started working in real estate?

NN: Technology and access to data have revolutionized real estate. And while consumers can find a lot of data anytime and anywhere, the human element of our business becomes even more important. The knowledge and insight that brokers provide to buyers and sellers help them make smart decisions and ease the stress of the process.

Communication and digital resources have made the world smaller and more connected. We now live and work in a global market. Bringing a well-known business brand like Berkshire Hathaway to real estate has been a game changer, and I’m so proud to be associated with this company.

EE: What excites you about the future of the industry?

NN: Today, it’s possible to anticipate change and quickly implement tools that give agents the ability to best serve their customers. More and more tech companies are bringing comprehensive solutions to the real estate table and are willing to work collaboratively to create end-to-end solutions.

Behind the clicks, likes and leads, though, real estate is about home. It involves decisions that are very big and very personal. It excites me to see innovation will continue to make home buying and selling easier and better for people.