5 Gadgets And Technologies You Need For The Ultimate Party Basement

Because winter is here, so ixnay on the outdoor fiestas!

Unless you live in southern Florida or Hawaii, winter is here so any partying will likely, strictly, take place indoors.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a basement, you can turn said basement into a major party zone with the right tools. (And keep the riffraff and their slushy boots and shoes off of your beautiful floors and carpets!)
Here are five gadgets and technologies you can use to liven up your underground space and transform it into the ultimate party zone!

Convertible/Multi-Game Tables

If you want to provide some kind of activity in your basement other than just allowing people to sit around and drink and watch TV (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, either), consider installing a game table. Now, there are many options when it comes to table games. Foosball, ping pong, billiards—the list just goes on and on, really. So why just choose one type of game table when you can have several? Retailers such as
Wayfair and Amazon have a variety of combination game tables from which to choose, including options for children, and the website Game Table Hero even ranks the best multi-game tables. So yes, cut the game table-related debates and go with something that provides multiple options.


If you already have a good couch or maybe even some squishy bean bags in your basement—or, heck, if you don’t mind throwing some pillows around and letting guests sit on them—consider investing in a good projector. Whether you want that projector for movies or video games, there’s no doubt it will provide hours of entertainment.
Amazon and Best Buy, for example, have some excellent options to choose from. Projectors aren’t cheap, although you can find some good deals, so make sure whoever operates it knows what they’re doing, and keep it far, far out of reach from the stickier and clumsier fingers in the room.

Let There Be Light

Basements can be dark, so getting creative with lights can go a long way. A good strobe light will literally create some flash in your basement, while string lights can help create a variety of moods, from cozy to wacky. The good thing about strobe lights is that you won’t need to break the bank in order to have one.
Walmart, for example, has several economical options, as does Party City. Indoor string lights can come in a variety of shapes and colors, from pizza slices to parrots to pumpkins and more. Amazon, Target and Walmart are just three options that sell a variety of indoor string lights for your fiesta. Another good thing, too, is that string lights are relatively easy to put up and take down and store.

Bar Gadgets

If you have a basement bar—and you actually use it for its true, noble intention—then invest in some bar-related tools that will enhance the experience for you and your guests. Home Wet Bar lists items such as the
Pro Shaker 10 Piece Bar Set. Major retailers such as Williams Sonoma and Bed, Bath & Beyond sell electric wine openers, which can come in handy during especially busy parties. And you might even consider duplicating items that you already have in your kitchen. Forget about going up and down the stairs to grab items such as blenders—just purchase extras that you can leave downstairs. The drinks will come faster, you won’t get as physically exhausted and your guests will never want to leave, which likely means they’ll spend the night. Stash blankets accordingly.

Disco Balls

Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s just a tad on the ridiculous side. But who cares? Disco balls are instantly recognizable and give a clear-cut signal that one has entered The Fun Zone. They reflect light. They spin. Quite frankly, they can entrance both adults and children, not to mention bring back all of those roller skating rink memories. Whether you hang it in a corner or in the center of your ceiling, a good disco ball can start setting the tone for a fun party or gathering. Retailers like
Amazon even sell ones that can have music. And if you really want to nerd it up, you can even buy a Star Wars Death Star Disco Ball and see if anyone notices the little dent. The world is your oyster.