Top 10 Interior Designers to Follow on Social Media

Following the right interior designers on social media gives you a dose of daily inspiration for your home.

Snaps, Pins and Instagram pictures – whatever the platform, interior designers put their work front and center on their social media accounts. But as these networks get larger, it can be hard to find the best accounts in the business. That’s why we recommend following these top ten designers on social media—you will not be disappointed in the amount of creativity you see.

Kaylan Kane -- Instagram

Nate Berkus – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

Julia Buckingham - Instagram

Edyta & CO – InstagramPinterest and Facebook

Justina Blakeney – Pinterest and Instagram

Amber Lewis – Instagram and Pinterest

Becki Owens – Pinterest and Instagram

Dabito - Instagram

Grant K. Gibson – Instagram

Courtney Price – Twitter

You’ll notice that Instagram and Pinterest are the two social media networks most often cited in our list. That’s due to the visual nature of what an interior designer does—those popular platforms allow people in the profession to show off their skills with stunning imagery.

Estate Envy had the chance to catch up with one of our top picks, Kaylan Kane, to find out what inspires her style. In 2008, she founded her company—Olive Juice—that offers full service interior design services and consultations, as well as e-design and furniture refinishing.

How would you describe your interior design style?

My design style leans toward modern-traditional, but I don't like a lot of fuss. Instead, I enjoy clean lines and timeless pieces. I always manage to bring in color somehow!

Where do you get design inspiration?

I get inspiration from so many places, but mainly traveling, fashion and artists.

What is your favorite social media platform?

I love Instagram because it is so visual, but I also like the short lifespan that Snapchat offers to viewers. I would say I spend most of my time on Instagram.

What is one tip you can give other designers trying to build their social media followings?

If you are trying to get more followers on a social media platform, I would recommend getting another popular company your brand relates with to link your brand. If they tell their followers you are cool, it gives your brand creditability.

Which room in the home is your favorite to redesign?

Right now, most millennials like a great kitchen and bath, but I personally love doing powder rooms or kids’ rooms. People can be a bit freer in these areas, because it's a safe place to let your freak flag fly.