Better Homes & Gardens: These Tips and Tricks Make Landscaping Simple

From encouraging repetition to making the most of your plants, gardening doesn’t have to be a challenge.

The thought of starting a garden from scratch can be overwhelming. However, the process doesn’t have to be a challenge. Better Homes & Gardens recommends breaking your landscaping goals down into smaller categories, ultimately allowing you to make individual strategies to create a beautiful yard. Below are a few of the publication’s top tips and tricks:

Strength in Numbers

One of the easiest landscaping practices is to plant large sections of the same plant together. This allows bold colors and textures to pop through, instead of being buried or hidden by other plants.

Say Yes to Repetition

If you’re planting without a plan, it’s easy for your yard or garden to look uneven. By repeating the same colors, shapes, plants and patterns, gardens automatically look more organized and thought out.

Buy Double Duty Plants

It’s likely that you don’t have limited yard space. In order to make the most of the room you have, use plants that serve multiple purposes. Large trees, for example, provide privacy while at the same time creating beautiful flowers and colors or delicious fruit.

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