Little House, Big Bang: Tiny House Siesta

Tiny hotel on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida offers a taste of minimalism without the long-term commitment.

As the tiny house movement continues to gain popularity, many people are interested in experiencing this minimalist approach to day-to-day life, but are hesitant to commit to living fulltime in such a small space. For those interested in experiencing just a taste of what tiny home can offer, Tiny House Siesta may fit the bill perfectly.

Located just off Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida, Tiny House Siesta offers a selection of twelve different homes for guests looking for a cost-effective way to stay on a highly rated Florida beach or an alternative to a traditional hotel stay. The homes range in price but each offers a comfortable, cozy but upscale take on the tiny house in a hotel format.

Each of the Tiny House Siesta homes is designed with a fresh, beach-themed color palette, including bright yellows and teals, along with modern kitchens that are fitted with amenities like WiFi, a kitchenette, outdoor space, water, cable and electric. The names of the homes are as charming as the decor and include Sand Dollar, Eleanor, Aqua Oasis and The Flamingo. The smallest home is a teardrop shaped trailer, which features one bedroom and one bath in a 10x5x5 foot space and can be hitched to an RV for a camping adventure.

The first home in the set is Tiny House Amy, which is among the smallest of the properties but comfortably sleeps three people, and includes a master bedroom, bathroom, separate sitting area, kitchen and eating area, as well as a washer and dryer.

A slightly bigger home, modeled after the iconic lifeguard shacks that pepper the coast, is the Yellow Lifeguard Stand, which has two levels and sleeps four in two queen-sized beds. The home also features a bright yellow barn door, a surfboard-shaped breakfast bar, a rainfall shower and a patio to enjoy the outdoors.

Tiny House Siesta has been recognized by a number of national publications for its sunny, eclectic take on the tiny house movement, including USA Today, CNBC, CNN, Coastal Living and Curbed, among many others. Rates for the homes range based on property and the season. 

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