Celebrity Envy: Danielle Steel’s San Francisco Mansion

The mansion looks like something out of, well, a Danielle Steel novel!

Author Danielle Steel is probably a name most women would associate with their mothers. Her books deal with a variety of topics, and many of them mainly center around families and family dynamics. Oftentimes, her characters come from lavishly wealthy backgrounds, which makes for some really fun escapism.

Love or hate her books, there’s no doubt she works hard. The prolific author has more than 140 novels to her name, plus many other writing projects, including children’s books. Steel is a very private person, but home enthusiasts got a glimpse of her San Francisco home, the Spreckels Mansion, when one of her daughters got married there and the wedding and reception were photographed for Vogue.

Located in the very affluent neighborhood of Pacific Heights, the mansion is a gorgeous work of architecture we desperately wish to see more of. (Steel has written about home decor on her blog, but there is a sad dearth of photos. Shame.)

In 2014, Curbed wrote a fantastic piece about the history of the home, which was built by Adolph Spreckels, the second son of sugar tycoon Claus Spreckels. Building the home was no small feat. Victorian homes on and near the property were torn down and even moved to make room for the incoming structure, which was finally completed in 1912. When Steel purchased the home, she converted it from a four-unit edifice into a single family home, according to Curbed.

In 2014, Curbed did a hilarious photo tribute to the giant hedge that surrounds the Steel home. Hey, we’re not judging. Privacy is a valuable commodity in the brutal age of social media, and Steel lives smack dab in the middle of a ritzy neighborhood in a major city.

Still, it’s a gorgeous house, and here at ESTATENVY we’d give our grandmothers for a chance to step inside.

Steel’s daughter Vanessa Traina married Maxwell Snow in an intimate wedding attended by 80 guests, according to the Vogue article. If you can distract yourself long enough from gazing at Traina’s stunning wedding dress, you’ll see that “ornate” is the name of the game in the Steel home. It doesn’t come from nothing. (Again, have you seen her bibliography?) There are white walls and crown moldings galore, marble floors and mirrors throughout. Lush carpets and plenty of greenery can be seen, the latter likely being a mix of your everyday greenery combined with wedding greenery. Oh, and there is gold trim. Lots of gold trim. The lighting throughout is perfect, complete with many elaborate light fixtures.

The rooms alone where the reception dinner took place are enough to feed anyone’s “Beauty and the Beast” ballroom dancing fantasies. There’s at least one fireplace, and cabinets embedded into the walls that hold some very expensive-looking fine china.

With such a gorgeous structure, no wonder her daughter wanted to get married at home!

Photo courtesy of Curbed San Fransico.