Timeless and Elegant French Mansion in Beverly Hills, California

With 12 bedrooms, 24 baths and a timeless aesthetic, this Beverly Hills mansion lives up to its impressive value.

This month, ESTATENVY is taking a closer look at some million-dollar listings on the market this summer. With a hefty price tag of $135 million, 2571 Wallingford Dr, Beverly Hills, California is right at home on this list.

The spacious estate is situated across a sprawling five acres located within the famed 90210 zip code. It features a grand total of 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms within its 38 square foot structure. Additionally, the mansion features 20 parking spaces across the property.

This single-family home was originally built in 2000 and features a unique blend of old and new. It includes combines an elegant and timeless aesthetic with more modern technology and amenities. The structure’s exterior appearance draws inspiration from classic French design.

2571 Wallingford Dr. is home to the largest zero edge pool in Beverly Hills. This giant feature gives the illusion that the water within the pool extends to the horizon and therefore vanishes into infinity. The optical illusion creates a serene and soft visual element that fills the outdoor living space.

The estate is ideal for those with a strong passion for fitness as it features an extensive indoor workout facility on the grounds. This structure boasts a range of assets including a basketball court, gym and boxing ring. To carry on this theme even further, a custom sports lounge and bar were also included in the construction.

In terms of resources for relaxation, the home includes a 20-foot video screen as well as a lounge area. This allows residents to watch a variety of programs in a movie theatre-sized setting.

The listing includes appliances such as a dishwasher, washer, dryer, oven and refrigerator. Central air has been installed throughout the expansive property.

A caretaker house and a two-bedroom guardhouse are also located on the property. These could serve as guest houses, storage or be updated to suit the resident’s personal needs.

While privacy is a key quality of the property, it is not too removed from desirable destinations. The Beverly Hills hotel is a short ten-minute drive from this property, and a private airport cab be reached within 20 minutes.

Please note that at the time that this article is published, the home discussed above may no longer be available on the market.