Young Ones to Watch: Scottie Smith

Prayer, Persistence and Perseverance. Those are the three keys to success that Scottie Smith lives by.

At only 19 years old, Scottie Smith completed his first real estate transaction. Ever since, he’s been flourishing in the Texas real estate industry and even has his own boutique brokerage in Dallas, TX.

Along with his strong work ethic, Smith has an extremely positive outlook on life. This helps him stay open to all opportunities and encourages others around him to do the same.

What drew me into the Real Estate Business.

I actually became a real estate agent by Accident. I started in the business as an investor. During my first year in College, I took a real estate class and my professor made it very clear that we should own real estate at a young age. And It was my goal to do so.

So I took my Scholarship Refund check one semester and purchased a home in Denton, TX. I was 19. Then a few months later, I did a few more transactions. By the end of 2017, I was working on a major rehab project, and before I knew it, the entire real estate world flipped upside down. The Great Recession actually pushed me to become a real estate agent. I saw an opportunity to move from one area of the industry into another. So I got my license. During that time, my major clients were my friends. Looking for apartments. And it just grew from there. I became a broker, started a boutique brokerage in Dallas, TX, then continued on the journey of growth.

How did you get to the place you are currently at in your career.

I got to this place in my career through, what I call the 3P's to Success. Prayer, Persistence and Perseverance. Each day of my career, I've prayed over my business (usually many times throughout the day). But I also realize that along with Prayer, Persistent work must happen. But leveraging an incomparable work ethic and a belief that everyone has a real opportunity to become a homeowner, I was able to see a little bit of Success. I'll be honest though. I'm so grateful to God for the success of my business. Sometimes I look up and just am blown away by everything that has happened in my life and business. I'm really just a vessel. Everything that has happened is because of God’s goodness.

How do you market yourself to stand out from your competition?

Competition? I don't see anyone as my competition. Quite frankly, I'm a believer that everyone is called for greatness. And there is nothing that any other person in the industry can do to hinder my greatness or the greatness of my team. I take the approach that what's for me, is for me. And work to ensure that everything I do is serving my clients, customers and my team. When people focus on the competition, they miss out on opportunities. And I don't do well with missed opportunities.

Changes in the industry that excite me.

I love the way Technology is moving into the industry and how it is being used to move the industry out of the "dark ages". It's exciting to see. But also, it’s frustrating to see all of the agents and realtors around the country become frantic and frustrated with it, though. Technology should be used to enhance our business and what we are already doing. NOT replace it. If Real Estate agents continue to prove their value to the clients, technology should only excite you, not scare you. I'm really excited to see AI in Real Estate (chatbots, marketing bots, etc). As well as predictive analytics

What advice do you have for younger, up and comers in the industry?

Here's the deal. Practicing Real estate is not hard. But you have to trust the process. Understand VERY QUICKLY that you have to prospect. Create and fill your pipeline with Leads so that you can ultimately close more deals.

The reason why many agents don't see great success in this industry is that they attempt to 1. reinvent the wheel and 2. take shortcuts. There are no shortcuts. Find a brokerage that works for you and helps you to learn how to generate leads (not just behind the screen but other ways as well).

Additionally, I would advise new agents to continue to learn about the industry. Become a student of the industry so that you're able to separate yourself from the agents who are just the side hustlers. But even more important than the learning aspect... APPLY. Knowledge itself is not power; It is the application of the knowledge learned that is truly powerful!