Young Ones to Watch: Brian Pistorius

This 5th-generation Chicago real estate broker talks motivation, role models, advice and more.

It’s no secret that Brian Pistorius was destined for the real estate game. Growing up in Chicago, he came from a long line of real estate brokers dating back to the 1800’s. It’s not only in his blood but in his passion. Brian has worked with first-time home-buyers, seasoned veterans and building developers. He has led several rehab/renovation projects, transforming distressed properties into fabulously unrecognizable homes and continues to provide brokerage services, research and analysis. From transparency with his clients to leaning on his peers for advice, Brian sat down with ESTATENVY to tell us how it is.

What drew you to real estate?

I guess you can say real estate is in my blood. My family has been rooted in real estate since 1890 when my great-great-grandfather came over from Italy and started a company to begin helping his fellow immigrants secure housing. I'm a fifth-generation broker.

How did you get to the place you are currently at in your career?

I don't think I'd be where I am today if I didn't treat everyone with the utmost respect and understanding. For the most part, everyone in this industry is trying to achieve the same thing, getting the best possible deal for their clients. Every once in a while you do run into those who don't act in the same manner. I believe time is a broker's most valuable commodity, so knowing when to cut ties or draw the line is very important. If you are going to put forth your best efforts and do all you can to represent someone, there is nothing wrong expecting that same level of respect in return.

What advice do you have for up-and-comers?

Approach each day as an opportunity to learn something new and expand your knowledge base. Real estate is an ever-changing market and in order to best serve your client base, it's imperative to stay informed of what's happening. Also don't be afraid to lean on your colleagues and peers for advice or help. Collaboration is one of the best ways to learn in this industry.

What motivates you every day?

If I were to say that money was not a major motivation, then I'd be lying, but in this profession, there is truly so much more. There is really nothing better than seeing the look on a client's face when you show them that "perfect home". It's also an honor and a privilege when your clients entrust you with what is one of, if not, the single biggest transaction in their lives. That alone is a major motivation to always represent them in the most effective way possible.

Do you have any real estate role models?

My grandfather. As a kid, he used to bring me into his real estate office. I'll always remember just sitting there and watching in awe of how he interacted with everyone. I don't think I realized it at the time, but I was like a sponge just soaking up everything that went on. The amount of knowledge I gained from simply observing him was invaluable. To this day I still reach out to him for advice on certain situations. Just the other day he actually called me to ask my thoughts on a matter. He probably didn't think much of it, but that moment was a huge milestone in my life and I'll never forget it.