The Top Players in Chicago Real Estate: Dawn Bremer

The Bremer Team leader and Keller Williams agent tells ESTATENVY why Chicago is a great market for both realtors and their clients.

Dawn Bremer’s passion for the real estate industry was solidified at first sight. After getting her start in the industry as an assistant, Bremer knew that she found the right career path for her. So, she decided to get her own real estate license and has been expanding her network as an agent in the greater Chicagoland area ever since.

Today, Bremer leads the Bremer Team, which runs out of Keller Williams’ North Shore West office. ESTATENVY caught up with her to learn more about what makes her team successful on both the buyer and seller side of the equation, as well as to gain insight into what she believes is most exciting about the real estate industry going forward.

How did you get started in real estate?

I started approximately 13 years ago as an assistant. I really loved the aspect of the job, and I wanted really badly to learn more about it. I threw myself into all aspects of the business as an assistant before deciding to get my own license. I surprised myself with how much I really did love the real estate industry. Now, I have a team of agents and I’m loving every second of it.

To what do you attribute your success?

I would contribute my love of my job to my success. I absolutely love what I do. I love both sides of it—when I’m representing the seller, I love getting them the most money for their home, and when I’m representing the buyer, I love getting them the best deal on their future investment. It’s not often that you get to battle both sides at any given time.

How do you make yourself stand out to potential clients?

I would say the Bremer Team stands out based on our dedication, knowledge, education and services. We not only offer amazing real estate knowledge, but we also believe in educating and guiding our clients throughout the entire process. We even offer a personal concierge service to help their move go smoothly when the deal is done. We take our clients from point A to point Z while holding their hand. I feel like that’s what makes us stand out to both buyers and sellers—we educate them on what’s going to happen. We eliminate the fear of the unknown when it comes to their biggest financial investment.

What is the key to closing deals in the real estate industry?

The key to closing deals is follow through. Any agent or team can get a contract to paper. It’s getting the deal to the closing table that sets the Bremer Team apart. We keep track of the process from beginning to end. There are a lot of deals that unravel at the table for one reason or another, but we make sure that every item on our checklist is checked off before moving forward. We also hypothesize what could happen. Because we have an extensive checklist, we know what to expect and what can happen. That helps us get ahead of the game to make sure that those things don’t go wrong.

What excites you about the future of real estate?

Technology excites me so much for the future of real estate. You can buy anything you want on Amazon, eBay or multiple other sites, and now, how great is it that you can buy a home without even leaving your living room if you don’t want to? I can’t wait for more tech tools to help our clients with their transactions.

Why is Chicago a good place to work in real estate?

Chicago and its surrounding suburbs are both amazing places to live. We have amazing museums, parks and people—overall, we have an amazing culture. The members of the real estate community in Chicago are also amazing. In other states, there’s a lot of competitiveness. But here, I’ve found it to be such a community where realtors don’t just want you to get a deal, but they want to help you. Chicago has so much to offer, and the real estate market here is ever-evolving.

What tip should buyers/sellers keep in mind when working with an agent that they might not already know?

Use an agent. Even with all of the technology and all of the people saying that they don’t need an agent, don’t do it alone. This is the biggest financial decision that some people will ever make. Don’t do it without an expert. That’s the biggest tip I can give.

What advice would you give new agents?

Be patient. This business is about helping and guiding people, and successful careers aren’t going to happen overnight. Educate yourself and your clients, come up with the policies and procedures that you want in place and make sure that every detail is taken care of and checked off. Most importantly, be true to who you are.