How Real Estate Brokers Win At Social Media: Joshua Lybolt

Lifstyl Real Estate/Prime Real Estate’s President offers advice for realtors who are just beginning to build their online presence.

What would you say is your company's branded voice on social media?

We like to give the audience (which are typically outside brokers that we are looking to attract to our firm, Lifstyl Real Estate/Prime Real Estate) an insider’s perspective into the look and feel of our company. We focus on the culture and the environment of who we are fundamentally and what sets us apart from other firms.

How do you engage with your customers most frequently?

Our primary goal is to syndicate video feeds through Facebook and YouTube, however, we are also very active with blogging and the showcasing of our agents’ success and milestones.

Is there a certain visual aesthetic you aim to portray across all of your social channels?

Our design is definitely a fresh, clean and modern look. We aim to tell the story of who we are and how we operate with the look and feel of our branding and advertisements.

How do you choose which homes to feature on your social channels? Is there a particular type of home / landscaping that gets more engagement?

Due to the volume of business, we do not showcase every listing or sale within our company. We do, however, portray a wide spectrum of properties to keep the end user engaged and coming back for more.

How has social media helped you with business development?

We use social media to show off our culture from afar. We also actively use it for lead generation and to develop new relationships with outside brokers.

Do you use social media more for brand exposure or for industry networking purposes?

We actively use social media for both purposes; brand exposure and industry networking. However, we tend to lean more on the branding initiatives.

How do you find a balance between posts that are strictly business and those that are more humanizing / culture-based?

We have a fair mixed use of culture vs. business. We earnestly care about impacting people’s lives and improving every aspect of who they are from both a personal and a business approach. We consistently share inspirational messages and a video series titled: “Love Your Lifstyl.” We also sprinkle in plenty of business with another video series called: “Real Estate Hack.” We also have a "behind the scenes" reality show called: “Reel Estate Life.” These are in addition to typical real estate related posts and blog posts.

How important is it to you that your business' culture is reflected on your social channels and how to achieve this?

It is extremely important to showcase our culture and broadcast it to the world. We use "who we are culturally" as an attractant to encourage others to join our "fun" and compelling company. Who wouldn't want to work for a professional company that has it's own production brands of beer and coffee?

Do you strategically plan out content for the month in advance or do you post more as-you-go?

We are getting better on planning out curated messaging with the help of our marketing team as a whole. Until just recently, we were fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants posts. Promoting what’s "going on at the time". This is an area still left for improvement.

What is your best advice for a new real estate broker looking to build a presence on social media?

Find your niche. Never stop learning. Don't take on too many mediums (focus on one or two). Speak LOUD.

What is the most successful platform for your brand and why do you think that it appeals to your audience the most?

Facebook has been our primary "go to". It is where the majority of our audience spend (MOST of) their time. We use strategies in-house to target specific groups to target messaging.

Do you ever collaborate with other brokers / businesses on your social channels to increase visibility? Why or why not?

Unfortunately, we as a brand have not yet delved into co-branding or cost sharing mediums. However, one of our brokers does this very well with a "talk show" interview styled show that he syndicates on a major Real Estate Page. He gets decent engagement and is quickly making a name for himself. Co-branding and cross-promoting with influencers is something that we're looking forward to do as a company soon.

Do you have a branded hashtag? If so, what is it and how did you choose it?

#Lifstyl and #Brokerlife: Lifstyl is our brand name and BrokerLife is our training platform that embodies career development, personal growth and broker outreach.

How do you choose what outsourced content to share on your feed? Are there certain publications or thought leaders that you find align with your brand / appeal to your followers?

In the past, we have shared relevant information that applies to the consumer. We have recently hired on a Public Relations Specialist that is now curating content specific to us and our markets.

Do you promote your social channels anywhere other than your website? (Ex: Business Card, Email Signature, etc.)

Yes, we share our social media channels everywhere we can both online and offline. The short goal is to increase awareness and encourage engagement. Ultimately, the end goal is for our audience, whether it be consumer or outside broker, to TAKE ACTION.