How Real Estate Brokers Win At Social Media: Andrew Knies

The Director of Marketing and Realtor with Lifstyl Real Estate/Prime Real Estate explains why it’s crucial for real estate agents to leverage the power of social media.

What would you say is your company's branded voice on social media?

We are definitely an agent-centric company with a give first mentality. We love giving an inside look into all that goes on behind the scenes. We are also very transparent with our company training.

How do you engage with your customers most frequently?

We have a very active Facebook presence and YouTube channel that allows all agents both internally and externally to stay up to date!

Is there a certain visual aesthetic you aim to portray across all of your social channels?

Our design team definitely stays on brand. Everything must look as modern and professional as the services we offer.

How do you choose which homes to feature on your social channels? Is there a particular type of home / landscaping that gets more engagement?

We simply feature the homes that our agents are representing. It gives an accurate portrayal of who our brokers are and the type of business they do.

How has social media helped you with business development?

It’s by far the easiest way to honestly show our company value and what makes us stand out from the other brokerages.

Do you use social media more for brand exposure or for industry networking purposes?

From a brokerage standpoint, we try to expose our agents as much as possible while showing off our services.

How do you find a balance between posts that are strictly business and those that are more humanizing / culture-based?

We have three video series. “Love your Lifestyle” is hosted by our President Joshua Lybolt where he is giving of himself and passing on knowledge in the personal growth space. I host a “Real Estate Hack” video series every Wednesday that takes the best of the best knowledge that I’ve gathered from countless hours of reading, researching and working with the industry’s best coaches. Lastly, we started a reality series and just finished our first season. We are still learning what our viewers want to learn about the behind the scenes of our brokerage.

How important is it to you that your business’ culture is reflected on your social channels and how to achieve this?

I think broadcasting what it is that our brokerage is actually doing for our agents is a huge look into our culture. Being so focused on personal growth and creating weekly fresh content with that in mind is extremely important to us.

Do you strategically plan out content for the month in advance or do you post more as-you-go?

I find that consistency while listening to our audience definitely helps. I can usually gauge our social strategy while attending events and hearing people talk about our videos or marketing.

What is your best advice for a new real estate broker looking to build a presence on social media?

Be honest, speak often and tell YOUR story. It’s the one thing that people will care about the most. Every agent is selling homes -- what makes you unique?

What is the most successful platform for your brand and why do you think that it appeals to your audience the most?

Facebook by far has served us very well. Our personal profiles are very active and support the business page. We are able to target brokers separately while wowing consumers with our marketing style and ability.

Do you ever collaborate with other brokers / businesses on your social channels to increase visibility? Why or why not?

This is something that we plan to do during 2018. As we start approaching our national growth plans, it’s important to strategically co-brand our company with the people who believe what we believe.

Do you have a branded hashtag? If so, what is it and how did you choose it?

#Lifstyl and #Brokerlife. Lifstyl is our brand name and BrokerLife is our training platform that embodies career development, personal growth and broker outreach.

How do you choose what outsourced content to share on your feed? Are there certain publications or thought leaders that you find align with your brand / appeal to your followers?

We typically just share blogs we find interesting. Our focus is on creating unique content.

Do you promote your social channels anywhere other than your website? (Ex: Business Card, Email Signature, etc.)