Real Estate Brokers Who Win at Social Media: Danisha Wrighster

Real estate professional Danisha Wrighster of Hoston & Associates discusses the secrets to her social media success

In the digital world, it is essential for real estate professionals to establish and maintain a presence on social media platforms. One broker who has created a particularly exceptional online presence is Danisha Wrighster.

ESTATENVY connected with Wrighster to learn what techniques she has employed in order to position herself and her brand to excel on social media:

What would you say is your branded voice on social media?

Our branded voice on social media is intended to be friendly, knowledgeable and demonstrate that we are a highly experienced and active brokerage team that specializes in commercial real estate but also sells residential.

How do you engage with your audience most frequently?

Our most used social media is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We like to interact with our social media family by answering questions and responding to their posts.

Is there a certain visual aesthetic you aim to portray across all of your social channels?

The type of content we post is educational videos, real estate terms and updates about the properties we're selling. Our visual aesthetic has certain similarities (fonts, colors, high-quality photos, etc.) that we like to keep consistent so that our feed and our posts have their own vibe.

What is the greatest challenge in reaching and engaging with your audience?

Our greatest challenge is reaching our targeted audience and finding the time to create quality content while running a real estate business!

Do you strategically plan out content for the month in advance, or do you post more as-you-go?

We have been creating as we go and making updates and changes to the things that we post as we go. At this point, we have posts lined up for certain days of the week and important dates and holidays that we try not to miss, but we've got some exciting things planned for next year.

How do you find a balance between posts that are strictly business and those that are more humanizing / culture-based?

We think it’s important to provide our audience with educational information about the business so that our posts are not just self-promoting but also provide a real value to our followers.

What is your best advice for a new real estate broker looking to build a presence on social media?

Our best advice to new agents who are creating a social media brand is identify why your clients like to work with you and build around that. It should be authentic to who you are. I would also strongly recommend that you post consistently (hopefully every day) with high-quality content.