How Real Estate Brokers Win at Social Media: David Kurz

David Kurz of Kurz Real Estate explains how delivering consistent social media updates boosts his business.

In order to learn how different real estate brokers stand out in the crowded world of social media, ESTATENVY spoke with experts in the field who have successfully leveraged their own digital presence for success.

David Kurz of Kurz Real Estate excels at delivering a consistent and well-executed branded voice across all channels. By combining this approach with a strong content strategy, he has been able to turn the platforms into valuable tools for his company.

Kurz believes that social media is an essential part of his brand. He divides his efforts between a personal page, self branded page and his company’s branded page. He regularly manages each page and looks for engagement opportunities whenever possible.

Engaging with your audience

His goal is to publish eight posts per day and engage with his audience a minimum of 20 times. Kurz characterizes this approach as being ‘loud’ on social media and says that it is a responsibility he takes very seriously.

According to Kurz, the biggest challenge in reaching and engaging with his audience is attracting the right people to his message. He explains, “Lots of people can follow you but if they are not interested in your services, it’s a waste.”

Determining a content strategy for platforms

When publishing content for these channels, Kurz works to find a balance between planned and spontaneous content. While planned messaging may allow a brand to be more strategic, messages published in real time create opportunities for a brand to engage with what is happening in the outside world on that day and time.

Kurz recommends a mixture of both original and shared messaging. “Original content is so important and critical. When sharing content, you should be sure it falls within what you truly believe and that it represents you. Sharing is a good thing if it falls in line with your message.”

When creating original content, Kurz believes that finding a balance between business driven posts and more humanizing content is key to engaging an audience.

“You have to promote yourself and your business, but you also have to let people know that you are real. The funny thing is, if you are passionate about your business you will find that your humanizing posts are mostly about or influenced by your business,” said Kurz.

Focusing on your message and delivery

For emerging real estate brokers looking to enter the digital space, Kurz recommends focusing on delivering content consistently.

“This is one of the few realms that requires a lot of attention and nurturing. You cannot quit because it’s not working for you,” Kurz says. “Social media should not be all about lead generation. It should be about brand creation and recognition.”