BathWraps Sets its Sights on New York State to Continue Nationwide Growth

Jacuzzi®-owned bathroom remodeling products manufacturer finds success with one-day installation business owners as dealers

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On the heels of an acquisition by Jacuzzi Brands LLC, BathWraps, the leading supplier of one-day bathroom transformations, has launched a strategic growth plan for new dealers to join the lucrative bath remodeling business. The brand has earmarked New York as a key state for growth. BathWraps provides its dealers with second-to-none training, hands-on support and an additional revenue stream for business owners with similar home remodeling businesses.

“Many of our dealers also operate a one-day installation business like windows, roofing or sunrooms,” said Eric Bohner, vice president of sales for BathWraps. “For most of these businesses, the owners are only able to call on their clientele once or a few times over the lifespan of a home. BathWraps allows them to market to their existing list of clients with another business offering, creating an additional revenue stream for their already established successful businesses.”

BathWraps provides dealers an opportunity to distribute its bathroom transformations and Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtubs within a brand backed by a proven history of support and service. With more than 100 dealers in its system, BathWraps is a growing brand that’s dedicated to providing next-level support and training to its dealers. BathWraps products are easy to install and don’t require any specific knowledge of plumbing or bath remodeling. Plus, BathWraps awards exclusive territory rights to its dealers, so all dealers are protected within their marketplace.

“We have found success with targeting experienced business owners that are looking to diversify with a brand with a proven track record,” added Bohner. “Plus, with our no-fee startup structure, there’s no risk of joining the system. With bath and kitchen remodels topping the list of desired services in the home industry, and the demand for these types of services in New York specifically, the state is primed for the right dealer to join the BathWraps system.”

The New York Times reports that in New York City, the average bathroom remodel costs up to $25,000. With BathWraps, customers can quickly and easily upgrade an outdated or damaged bathroom for a low price.

“We have already gotten inquiries from interested customers across New York -- now, we just need to find the right partner to grow with our brand,” said Bohner. “We are eager to make an already successful independent business even more successful by adding BathWraps’ services to their existing offerings.”

The BathWraps business model works – with dealers in similar one-day businesses adding to their portfolios in communities across the U.S. P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1980 as a roofing, windows and home exteriors business. In order to create consistent business, even during the colder months, P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. signed on as an exclusive partner with BathWraps and is now able to service its list of existing clients year-round.

“It was tough for our entire team when things would slow down during the offseason, or when we’d miss a day due to weather,” said Rick Stover, president and general manager at P.J. Fitzpatrick. “Missing out on revenue like that hurts a small business like ours, so we decided to become an exclusive dealer for BathWraps in our area. Not only did the partnership help us solve the seasonality of our business and diversify our product offerings, but our customers have loved the results they’ve seen.”

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