On-Demand Task Service Takl Enters Market at Just the Right Time

In an age of on-demand, new companies are popping up to fill the repair and home services space.

Like all great business ideas, on-demand task service Takl was created because there was a problem for which they wanted to provide the solution: making it easy to find someone who can help with small, inconvenient tasks around the house.

“My gutters were falling apart,” says Peter Peltier, vice president of technology at Takl. “I couldn’t fix it myself because I didn’t own a 20-foot ladder, which would have cost me hundreds of dollars to buy. Handyman companies were saying they wouldn’t come out for a job unless it would cost at least $300. Truthfully, the job wasn’t really that hard. I just didn’t want to buy my own ladder or climb up one, and neither did my wife.”

This is exactly the kind of problem Takl founder Willis Johnson was trying to remedy. Wilson, a veteran entrepreneur, found himself itching to build a company post retirement. Part of what makes Takl so unique as a startup is that rather than finding funding via venture capitalists, Willis was in a position to fund the company on his own.

Willis has a history of coming up with creative solutions that proved lucrative. Owning a number of scrap yards around the country, Willis created a company—Copart, Inc.—to partner with insurance companies and auction off salvaged cars. Expanding his network and creating a space for himself in a space no one else was claiming allowed Willis to see great success.

So when Willis came up with the idea for Takl in the summer of 2015, people listened. “He built this massively successful company, so that story was compelling to me,” says Peltier. “He’s seen success and he’s not afraid to take risks. That was a huge factor of what gave me the confidence to jump on board with this new venture.”

While on-demand task services, like TaskRabbit, have been filling up the market over the past few years, there are still plenty of cities throughout the U.S. with no such on-demand services. Takl hopes to fill those gaps. Available in Nashville, Dallas/Fort Worth and Chattanooga, Takl plans to expand to cities such as Atlanta, Tampa and Charlotte, NC.

The Takl team has found that finding providers (to go to peoples’ home to help with tasks) is actually one of the easiest parts of their business. “Working for Takl, providers can be their own boss and set their own schedule. With us, you can earn money on your own terms,” said Peltier.

Another factor working in Takl’s favor is the rise of on-demand services. Companies like Uber and Lyft helped pave to way so that consumers would be more receptive to letting people enter their space, whether that be while in transit or in their homes. “I remember thinking, that’s a little weird,” says Peltier of when he first heard about Lyft. “But I was interested and wanted to try it. Maybe it seems scary at first, but then you realize it’s okay. People are now much more receptive to this sort of thing than they’ve ever been, so I think that’s going to be part of our success.”