Interior Design Trends that Home Buyers Are Looking For

Sell your home using these design tips.

We all know a well-decorated home can entice and excite potential buyers looking to purchase a new home. In fact, a recent article from the Los Angeles Daily News noted professionally staged properties listed for sale spend 73 percent less time on the market, typically sell for more money and have fewer concessions requested of the seller according to the Real Estate Staging Association. Although we all don’t have the budget to stage a home, ESTATENVY spoke with interior design experts to gain insight into trends that might catch the eye of potential buyers and help sellers better market their homes to its fullest potential.

Leslie Newman Rhodes, founder of Space Interior Design, recommends focusing on designs that aren’t too trendy. Rhodes explains, “I am not really into trends, but I think simplicity and warmth are the two things that are always critical for home design and are timeless. I think sight lines from room to room and as you move about the room are critical, and flattering paint is such a help.”

This aesthetic is something showcased throughout Rhodes’ website. From a small city apartment to a girls’ bedroom and bath, Rhodes’ stays true to her sleek style and proves than any room can be transformed. The clean lines found in her designs are sure to appeal to a wide variety of buyers and is a simple style that can be infused into any home.

On the other hand, Julia Buckingham, Principal of Buckingham Interiors + Design, believes implementing current color trends can bring unexpected and added excitement to a home. Buckingham notes, “There’s a huge trend moving toward gemstone colors, and people are mixing earthy, rich colors with light pastels. They’re not afraid to mix colors, and sometimes those unexpected color combinations are the most fun. Eggplant and chartreuse is a great example of that, or teal and baby pink. It’s so much more interesting to have something more complex.” Buckingham’s website showcases how she implements this colorful aesthetic, which can add a unique flair to any room in a home.

Buckingham also noted that she’s beginning to see more homeowners utilize fabrics, rugs and textiles as pieces of modern art in the home. Every detail added to the home, from pillow stitching and window treatments to area rugs, works as an accessory that enhances a home’s individuality. According to Buckingham, these finishing touches are key in leaving a lasting impression. It’s easy for sellers to add a hint of individually through one of a kind pieces that help their homes stand out to buyers.

Whether gravitating toward clean lines, or wowing with pops of color throughout your home, it’s important to declutter your space so the true beauty of your home can shine through. A home that is well decorated and feels move-in ready shows homebuyers you’re serious about selling.