Holiday Home Decoration Misses: Things That Never Go Right, and What to Do Instead

By following these expert tips—and taking a deep breath—homeowners can remove unwanted stress from the holiday season.

Before you know it, the sun will set on the Thanksgiving holiday and by sunrise, 90 percent of the population will shift its focus to decorating their homes with lights, red, green, gold and white accents and every decoration imaginable. But no matter how hard you try to make your home look warm and inviting, just like it does in that magazine you saw, it’s inevitable something will go wrong, adding more undue stress for the holidays.

ESTATENVY sought out holiday decorating tips from Independent Home Interior Designer Kim Schmidlkofer from Green Porch, LLC who shared her expert advice on making sure your home looks warm and inviting and without having decorating “misses” prior to your holiday guests arriving.

The first thing your guests see upon arriving for your holiday gathering is your front ya

rd. It’s important to make sure your outdoor décor creates a warm greeting rather than covering every inch of your yard with flashing lights, big blow-up characters and having strands of lights with burned out bulbs.

One of the big misses that happens when it comes to holiday décor is using every trinket or decoration that you’ve accumulated over the past 20 years. It’s important to not go totally over the top, but rather integrate things that have memories attached to them with your new décor.

“Don’t feel that anything that comes out of a tote from the basement needs to get set out. You can still use your holiday decorations from growing up, just use them with your new things,” suggests Schmidlkofer. “Don’t feel you need to fill every free space in your house—nobody sees it all.”

A main area your guests will congregate is around the food, so be sure to decorate your table and main entertaining areas. Set the mood with the right lighting by putting a couple of candles in the window for a nice, soft touch.

When decorating for the holidays, something is bound to go wrong and elevate stress, and it usually has to do with lights. Rather than wasting precious time untangling and checking lights for your tree, consider buying a tree with lights on it. If you don’t have time to purchase a tree, tackle something manageable like putting lights on greenery and placing it on shelves or bookcases.

“People feel like they need to be overwhelmed to shine everything up and make it perfect like they see in a magazine,” Schmidlkofer said. “You don’t always have to implement new things – it should look and feel like your home.”

Implementing Schmidlkofer’s small pieces of advice, along with taking a deep breath, can save you a huge amount of stress and decorating oversights when it comes to assuring your guests feel at home this holiday season.