How to Put a Spin on Traditional Holiday Decorations

By making upgrades to holiday classics and experimenting with different colors, homeowners can take their seasonal decor to a new level.

When the time comes to decorate your home for the holidays, it is easy to stick to traditional decorations. There’s something about the familiarity that speaks to so many people. Despite the mass appeal of these options, it can be refreshing to consider alternatives for adding a festive touch to the home.

ESTATENVY spoke to Amanda Barkley of Rae Duncan Interior Design to learn how homeowners can think outside of the box and get creative with their holiday decorations.

Holiday décor—and really all décor—looks best when it has some quirk and personality to it,” said Barkley. “One way to achieve this is to use decorations you already own in a unique way. For instance, hanging ornaments from a chandelier is an easy way to add color and a sense of playfulness to your space.”

One way that she recommends putting a unique spin on holiday decorating is by upgrading a traditional wreath. When succulents and eucalyptus branches are incorporated into the design, it can easily become a statement piece for the home.

“We love the unexpected, especially when it comes to holiday decor,” said Barkley. “Our favorite trend at the moment is geometric gold ornaments. Incorporating them on your tree gives it a fun, minimalist flair that's right on trend.“

For those looking to create a sophisticated vibe with their design, use of white lights over colorful lights can do wonders for changing the atmosphere of a room. While red and green are the most common colors used for the winter holidays, homeowners should consider white, gold or silver decorations to create a more refined holiday aesthetic.

That does not mean the traditional colors need to be completely omitted from the home. “Incorporating a gorgeous burgundy accent or two among a muted palette is an artful way to add color and interest to your decor while ensuring it remains elegant. Silver, gold and bronze all look beautiful with deep green as well,” said Barkley.

One of the key things to keep in mind when adding festive flair is moderation. Less truly is more when decorating for the holidays. Exercising restraint will help maintain the elegance of your home and avoid a tacky look. When in doubt, have a second set of eyes look over your finished design to decide if any areas need to be toned down.