Thanksgiving Decorations to Add to Your Home Before Jumping to Christmas

Without going overboard, make your guests feel welcome and festive for the biggest meal of the year.

After you have taken down the ghosts and goblins, and you have had your fill of Halloween candy, it’s time to prepare and decorate your home for the next holiday. The biggest feast of the year deserves a table and home to match the occasion. Before you prepare the perfect meal for the entire family to enjoy, consider adding touches of fall to your home decor to wow your guests and celebrate the season.

Many homeowners immediately think of holiday decorations for Christmas as November rolls around, but your guests will thank you if you provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. “The good thing with most fall decor is that it’s already pretty understated and easy to incorporate into your year-round decor. Opt for small upgrades to spaces. With seasonal decor, it’s sometimes easy to go overboard and that cheapens the look,” said Kate Marengo, founder and designer at Interior Chicago.

Before heading to your favorite home store, put some thought into the colors you would like to incorporate throughout your home. Chicago interior designer, Jaclyn Lash, recommends warm hues like copper, bronze, cognac, camel and rust for a warm and festive look. For a less traditional look and to add some glam, mix in violets and peacock blues with a hint of gold.

After deciding on your color scheme, you can start to think about which accessories you will add to your dining room table, in the living room and entryway as guest arrive.

“My go-to for not over the top and inexpensive decor would be gourds or small pumpkins in a bowl or tall vase. To take it up a notch, you can add glitter or some other filling to the bottom of the vase. They make for a nice centerpiece or end table decoration. For the more quirky table, who doesn’t love something with a turkey on it,” said Marengo.

Everyone wishes that they could completely redecorate their home every season after one trip to Target, but realistically, homeowners will have to pick and choose which rooms to spend their budget on. Think about the amount of storage room you have before going out and buying lots of decorations.

Marengo advises, “Since Thanksgiving is family-centered, the most important rooms are the ones where it’ll be appreciated and admired by the ones you love! Think the living and dining room first, then the kitchen and even bathroom.”

Don’t stop at your home’s decor to help set the scene for the holiday. Create a seasonal bar and bring in the scents of the season to get everyone in the spirit.

“Switch out your bar for warm bourbons and fall ciders and bring in warm scented candles like apple pie and cinnamon spice to top it off. PF Candle Co. soy candles are great warm fall candles. They have an awesome collection of Autumn scents,” said Jaclyn Lash, a Chicago-based interior designer.