5 Easy Upgrades that Will Get Your Home Up to Luxury Standards Quickly

By enhancing the bones and general structure of a space, homeowners are able to make their homes look more luxurious in a short amount of time.

Luxury homes aren’t made overnight. But that doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t take their spaces to the next level with a few quick fixes. ESTATENVY spoke with the founder and interior designer behind Rae Duncan Interior Design to learn more about the projects that people can take on in order to create a more luxurious atmosphere within their homes. And according to her, the best place to start is with the basics.

Duncan said, “The bones of a house are the most important and they make the largest and most luxurious impression.”

Here are the five easy upgrades that she recommends taking on in order to improve the bones of your home and get your home up to luxury standards quickly:

Wood Trim: As HGVT notes, trim and molding are some of the most distinguishing characteristics that a room can have. The accents can take a space from a simple box to something more, which is why Duncan recommends upgrading any wood trim that you have in your home. At the end of the day, it’s the visual foundation for a space.

Doors: Beyond wood trim, Duncan recommends upgrading doors as an easy starting point in an effort to make your home more luxurious. And because there are a wide variety of doors to choose from—both interior and exterior—it’s an upgrade that can alter the overall look of a home.

Windows: In addition to traditional cleaning and maintenance, windows are fixtures that can and should be upgraded. From adding in new windows to surrounding them with new curtains or drapery, there are multiple ways to make windows more luxurious.

Appliances: When guests are in your home or you’re trying to sell, upgraded appliances are essential. They’re often the first thing that people look at, and have the potential to make or break the sale of a home.

Counters: Between the kitchen and bathrooms, the counter space that you have in your home is valuable. That’s why Duncan says that it’s worth enhancing your counters when trying to add a level of luxury to your space—because they experience more wear and tear, they need the extra attention.

By upgrading these five fixtures and surfaces in your home, it will look like a more complete renovation or remodel took place. That will then enhance the luxury aspect of a space, ensuring that you’re exceeding high end standards quickly.