Seven Must Haves for a Luxury Home Party

ESTATENVY interviewed luxury lifestyle and real estate expert, Stacey Grossman, to find out what you can do to elevate your home party and make it more luxurious for your guests.

  1. Guest List: Your guest is the single most important part of any party! Invite a good mix of friends, neighbors and clients who can mingle and connect. As the host or hostess, introduce people to others with similar interests to break the ice.

  2. Mailed Invitations: A beautifully printed invitation sets the tone of what you can expect from the party. In contrast, an electronically sent invitation always seems more casual.

  3. Theme: Themes make a party more festive! Whether it’s a holiday party or birthday party, decorations set the tone. Candles and dim lighting create “get to know you” ambiance for your home and your guests.

  4. Valet Parking: Offering this service ensures your guests do not need to fret about finding their own parking, especially if you live in a city or neighborhood where parking may be tricky.

  5. Live Music: Having live music the minute your guests arrives will put them into whatever party mode you have planned. If you don’t have a piano, that’s okay; most pianists can bring a keyboard. Hiring a string trio is also an elegant touch.

  6. Great Food and Bar: Hire caterers who will be extremely attentive to your guests’ needs and who prepare a wonderful spread. A signature cocktail is also a nice touch!

  7. Souvenir: End with a memory! Gift your guests with a special token of your appreciation as they leave. One of Grossman’s favorite souvenirs she gave her guests was a mix of 82 gingerbread and Hanukkah houses that had each person’s name on them. Her guests loved them and took them home to enjoy for the remainder of the holiday season. A takeaway gift could also be as simple as a wrapped flower. A souvenir puts a special mark on your party and makes it unique!