Eight Outdated Home Trends to Avoid

ESTATENVY interviewed luxury real estate agent, Izabela Sloma, to discuss luxury trends that were once popular but are now out the door.

1. Sinks that sit on top of the counter. It was all the rage ten years ago to have bowls that sat on top of the counter, instead of sinking into the countertop, in the bathroom. In theory, it created more storage space underneath. But now, it just looks dated!

2. Farmhouse sinks. These were all the rage in the early 2010’s but aren’t being done as often anymore. If you can’t have a countertop sink in the bathroom, and you can’t have farmhouse sinks in the kitchen, what does that leave you with? Just regular sinks! Sunk in sinks in the bathroom and the kitchen, with spaces in the kitchen for sectioning the sink out, are the current trend.

3. Mosaic backsplash. Those tiny tiles are now replaced with subways tiles, and they are growing larger by the year.

4. Jacuzzi tubs. These are high maintenance and kind of scary. If you’ve used one, it’s good for about two minutes. However, it never gets used thereafter. It also gets dirty on the inside. The whole concept of built-in tubs is being replaced by stand-alone tubs that sit in the middle of the bathroom and don’t have a water jet component. These tubs offer simple elegance and a quiet place to relax.

5. iPod docking stations. First, no one uses iPods anymore. The whole idea is being taken over by home smart systems that plug and play different devices throughout the house. Want to hook up your garage, shades, sound system, TVs, lights and handle everything on your phone as well as have wall units that serve as intercoms? Smart systems that are universal are popular right now, not an outlet for a device that only connects to one brand and model.

6. Ebony floors and furniture. At the beginning of the 2010’s, darker was better when it came to floors and furniture. Mocha, espresso and almost black colors dominated the wood stain spectrum. That's not the case anymore. Those dark hues that seemed so trendy are now passe. Consumers are shifting their preferences and going to grays and lighter tones now.

7. All white kitchens. White cabinets are still in, but not white on white on white. Bringing different accent colors into the kitchen, such as an island in a dark color to offset the white, is a current trend.

8. Spotlights under cabinets. LED lighting is taking its place, particularly strip lights.