Inman: What Mark Zuckerberg’s Smart Home Means for Technology Going Forward

If the Facebook CEO’s home is any indication, the housing industry and technology are about to be closer than ever.

Mark Zuckerberg recently gave the world a glimpse inside his home, which is equipped with voice-activated, artificial technology. And while that seems appropriate for the billionaire CEO behind Facebook, it’s likely to set a trend for all smart homes going forward.

Inman notes that Zuckerberg’s house proves to real estate agents and smart home manufacturers that this technology is already out there—lights, temperature and music can all be controlled through voice commands. But it’s unlikely the smart home technology ends there. This industry is only beginning.

Brands like Google and Amazon have already tossed their hats in the smart home ring with systems and apps that answer to voice commands. And as the new year continues to get underway, it's likely that realtors will see demand for seamless technology spike among their clients.

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