Creating a Home that has a Purpose

How to use the extra space in your home for what makes you happy.

The start of the new school year means that kids are out of the home and parents have more time to themselves. Whether your child is heading back to college or starting kindergarten, back to school season presents a great opportunity to make some changes in the home while the weather is still nice and you have some more time on your hands. To give your home a new look, ESTATENVY spoke with interior designers Alexandra Kaehler and Kelee Katillac about some tips that people can tackle to repurpose their home without completely re-doing it.

“Getting to express color is one of the most inexpensive options to change a look of a room,” mentioned Katillac.

If you don’t want to completely change the color of the room, adding a few accessories is also a nice way to add a new flavor to the atmosphere. “Since a fresh coat of paint is a little bit more of a commitment, throw pillows can be a fun way to change things up seasonally, or add a bit of new color,” said Kaehler.

After adding a pop of color, it is time to make some impactful changes. Take a look at your hobbies and passions and try to use this extra space and time to bring what you enjoy into your living space. For example, most of the clients Kaehler and Katillac work with who are trying to repurpose their homes are creating a workout space or a study room/home office.

If you want to create your own workout room, it’s essential to de-clutter as much space as possible.

“Leave out the dresser and TV—instead, you can create a nice spot to store water bottles, towels or ropes,” mentioned Kaehler. “Replace one wall of art with a large cut mirror. This will automatically transform the space into feeling like a home gym.”

But creating a home gym doesn’t mean that you have to completely re-do your space. One thing that can—and should—be left alone is the flooring.

“You can lay down a yoga mat on existing carpet. There’s no need to change flooring,” said Kaehler.

For those who might be more intellectual, creating a study space for yourself—or your kids—is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere in preparation for the winter months.

“Make sure there is good light for reading in the room,” mentioned Katillac. “Also, incorporate organizer bins, shelving and cabinets to help kids keep it together—visual clutter can add to mental clutter.”

Many people are adamant on working or studying at a desk. While some people think desks are too big for a room and will take up too much room, there are many ways around this potential problem.

“I love using a small desk as a nightstand on one side of a bed. It’s a great way to add desktop space, but also provide the utility of a nightstand,” said Kaehler. “You just have to be careful that the desk isn't so large that it overpowers the bed.”

If you would rather not have a standing desk, Katillac opts for drop leaf desks that attach to the wall.

“Modular transformer-style furniture that serves different functions are always a plus. It’s the modern Murphy Bed,” said Katillac.

Whether you are creating a home workout room, a painting room, a study nook or a meditation space, there are always ways to incorporate what makes you happy into your home. Think outside the box for ways to use one room for two purposes and you can capitalize on the space that you already have.