Home Design Hacks that Can Turn the DIYers into Professionals

ESTATENVY connects with Alair Homes owner Joanna Smeeth for home design tips and tricks that can be done by the average homeowner.

It’s common for any homeowner to walk into a room and think of all the updates that they’d like to make to the space. However, a thought that immediately follows is a big fat dollar sign dancing around, haunting their design inspiration. While professionals are there for a reason to take on the bigger design and home improvement projects, there are plenty of tweaks that homeowners can do themselves.

Joanna Smeeth, owner of Alair Homes in Peterborough, Ontario, shared tips that can be used by the average homeowner to spruce up various areas of the home.

Fix the Color to Fit the Home

While furniture shopping, it’s easy to pass by more affordable items because they aren’t an instant fit with the existing space. There’s an antique side table that is on sale but it doesn’t quite fit the rustic farmhouse look that is going on in the living room. Smeeth urges readers to have no fear— furniture can always be spruced up with a little color.

“There are so many spray paint colors to choose from, you can pretty much make anything fit your home décor and style,” said Smeeth. “I found a cool inexpensive wooden stool from a store that had a gray top. I spray painted the gray parts black to fit my décor, and it’s now the perfect addition!”

Tweaking colors goes far beyond furniture. As styles and trends change within the home, color can be the answer in other areas as well.

“I’ve spray painted things like mirror frames, hooks and even light fixtures,” said Smeeth. “Sometimes you may find the perfect light fixture and it just doesn’t have quite the right color finish. It’s very easy to cover up the electrical parts and spray the frame. I also love bringing pops of color into a room by spray painting things like coat hooks or door knobs.”

Hardware Makes All the Difference

We’ve all seen it before – trends go from silver to gold, from vintage to modern. Switching up the hardware is an easy way to change the look and feel of the entire space.

“A very simple way to make small changes with big impact is updating furniture or a space with new hardware,” said Smeeth. “Whether it’s knobs or handles on a credenza or on a set of wardrobes, you can find really neat hardware that can completely change the look of a piece of furniture you’ve owned for years.”

In larger spaces like the kitchen, homeowners can also take on the task of painting the cabinets to match the look of the new hardware as well. It is a much simpler and more cost-effective solution instead of buying all new cabinets to fill the space.

Make a Splash in Smaller Spaces

Wallpaper is all the rage these days, according to Smeeth. And an easy way to really make a statement in a smaller space that needs some sprucing up is an accent wall.

“You can pick a small wall in a powder room or front entry and apply a cool wall paper pattern to a wall, adding color and interest to an otherwise dull area,” said Smeeth. “You can get really creative with color here and patterns since it’s a smaller space, or just pattern in muted colors if bright, fun colors aren’t the look you are going for.”

Whether It’s making a statement with colors, textures or patterns, homeowners can completely switch up the look, feel and vibe of their homes by following these DIY hacks. It’s not always necessary to refurnish or renovate, and it’s definitely worth a try on your own first.

But, if you find yourself knee deep in wallpaper glue, the professionals will always be there to give you an extra hand!