How to Make a Splash with Tropical Interior Design Without Going Overboard

The tropical trend is seeing a new wave of popularity this summer.

Want to make a trip to the tropics without leaving your home? Bring the outdoors in with tropical interior design and create an oasis inside of your home. By selecting colors, patterns and pieces that evoke relaxation, you will feel like you’re in paradise in no time.

When you are designing any room in your home, balance is key. Whether you choose the furniture, walls or accessories to be your style statements, pick your themed accents wisely. Materials with texture—especially those that may be found in real tropical environments—can easily help update your current space. Bamboo, teak or wicker furniture can instantly add the right vibe as beds and tables usually sit high off the ground to allow for airflow throughout the home for that fresh island breeze.

“I particularly love accent pieces like palm printed throw pillows for indoor furniture, a copper pineapple for a coffee table or an art print of the ocean. These are just a few simple ideas to add an island feel to your home,” said Kate Marengo, founder and designer at Interior Chicago.

Color plays an important role in the tropical design trend as well. In Pantone’s Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report showcasing upcoming trends, multiple colors fell into the tropical theme. Island Paradise, Pink Yarrow, Greenery, Kale and Niagara are all described in the report as being “reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature” and “emblematic of tropical settings.”

Tropical themed rooms also incorporate bold prints—in terms of color or pattern. “Pineapples and palm leaves are becoming very popular upholstery prints and accessories in living spaces and kitchens. Hibiscus florals have also become increasingly popular in accent pieces to bring pops of color to a monochromatic scheme,” said Marengo.

Looking for inspiration for your new tropical room? An abundance of color, as well as a mixture of old and new objects, help Justina Blakeney achieve the tropical style on her popular interior design blog, The Jungalow, and in her designs.

But why are we so drawn to the tropical design trend? Marengo offers insight, saying, “I think because the colors are so fun and bring a smile to your face. Who doesn't want their home to be a slice of paradise?”

While design trends can be fun to try out, in the end, most homeowners want to design their interiors designed with styles that will last for years to come. To do that, Marengo recommends to, “Pick a few favorites to start out with, and don’t go overboardno pun intended.”