Five Outdoor Luxury Items That Don’t Have to Break the Bank

There are outdoor living accessories and amenities that fit every budget.

With warm weather comes an insatiable desire to be outside whenever possible. Suddenly, the ideal venue for entertaining guests and personal leisure has shifted to outside of the home.

“For many people who live in cities, having any sort of outdoor living space is a luxury in itself,” said Nicole O’Keefe of ICM Properties. “Having that space is a huge draw for many buyers, and may even convince them to exceed their original planned budget.”

O’Keefe went on to explain that for that reason, homeowners may need to seek outdoor furniture and amenities without luxury prices. “It’s often a compromise,” she said.
“In order to have that great outdoor space, you may need to set a stricter budget for decorating it later.”

These five items can help homeowners elevate their outdoor space while still staying on budget.

1. Propane Fire Pit

Harness the joy of the campfire without all the hard work. Get the whole family together for a night of s’mores and spooky campfire stories, or use it as a venue to entertain guests. A fire pit offers a range of possibilities for you to explore. And the beauty of the propane tank is that it’s designed with a button operated spark mechanism and knobs for flame control.

2. Adirondack Chairs

These stylish seats help create a tropical vibe for any outdoor space. You may have to import the sand between your toes from your imagination, but the relaxation is undeniable. The price of the Adirondack chair is dependent on the wood that it is crafted from. They can retail upwards of $400 dollars a chair, but with a little searching, you can find the right one for any budget.

3. Eclectic Pots

It’s all about the accents. Donald MacKinnon of IDG Interior Design Group cites eclectic pots as his number one recommendation for elevating any outdoor living space. “They’re a great choice for a pop of color, which is helpful in the winter and puts a smile on your face,” he said.

MacKinnon praised the versatility of the pots as a budget friendly opportunity for customization year-round. “In the winter, you can fill the pots with birch branches, pine and boxwood accents,” he recommends. When investing in outdoor pots, triple-fired selections are best suited to stand up to harsh weather.

4. Outdoor Bar

While having a luxury bar permanently installed outside may be a little over budget, a bar cart offers a simple solution. There are bar carts designed for every style, and the wheels allow for easy relocation in times of bad weather. This relocation option also enables you to maximize your available space.

5. Patio Couch

Patio furniture is often purchased with the intention of being durable and resistant to the elements. For that reason, it is not always associated with comfort or luxury. Outdoor couches have offered a fresh twist on the concept, but can be costly. A simple budget hack is a cushioned bench, which offers comfort without breaking the bank. These can either be purchased as a set, or done as a DIY project: simply add cushions to a bench that matches your outdoor aesthetic.

However you decide to customize your outdoor living space, there is a budget friendly solution to help you achieve the design of your dreams. The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting the most from your outdoor living space.

“Everything that was once exclusively available indoors is now available outdoors,” said MacKinnon when asked how outdoor living trends have changed over the course of his career. “People are having whole outdoor rooms at this point. We’re even seeing three season rooms with heating in the ceiling!”