The Top Garden and Landscaping Accounts to Follow on Social Media

Following these Instagram accounts will give you serious design inspiration.

Instagram is one of the best places to go to showcase our best visuals, especially when it comes to gardening. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your own garden or you just want to ogle at someone else’s work, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 11 Instagram accounts that will make you green with envy.












ESTATENVY caught up with Kyle Haggerty, the man behind @urbanfarmstead, and asked him some questions about his Instagram account and how his home garden came to be.

ESTATENVY: Your Instagram is a collection of the urban produce and greens you grow. Explain a little bit about how East Sac Farms came to be and how your Instagram evolved out of that?

Kyle Haggerty: We moved into our East Sacramento home three years ago and we planted a large garden full of fruit trees, vegetables and other edible plants. In the first year, we were sharing our excess produce with friends, family and neighbors. When we first heard about the Urban Agriculture Ordinance, which went into effect about two years ago here in Sacramento, we knew we needed to open a farm stand. For us, the value of having an urban farm stand is the opportunity to share what we grow with our community. We do not charge for any of our produce but we are always open to trades and we do except donations of which all proceeds go right back into the farm.

I started @Urbanfarmstead so that I could share what I was doing in creating and maintaining our urban farm and found Instagram to be an invaluable source for inspiration and education for farming and gardening.

EE: Your account has a really wonderful aesthetic to it. Did you draw inspiration from any other accounts?

KH: I have enjoyed photography and gardening for some time now, so Instagram is one place where I can showcase my passion for both. I do draw inspiration from other accounts but I hope to maintain a page that is original, educational and beautiful.

EE: What is your favorite thing about farming?

KH: My favorite thing about farming is the opportunity I have to grow safe, sustainable, delicious food for my family, my friends and my community.

EE: Do you have any other social media accounts you post photos to?

KH: My personal page @hagerty has other images of mine, but you’d notice I hardly ever post to that page. @urbanfarmstead takes enough of my free time so I don’t really do much other social media.

EE: What is one tip you can give other gardeners trying to build their social media followings?

KH: If you want to build a strong social media following for your garden, be original and engage with your followers.