No Garden, No Problem: How to Incorporate Landscaping Elements to Your Apartment

By following these tips, apartment-dwellers can satisfy their green thumbs without access to a garden.

Apartment living can often leave tenants desiring more outdoor space. That’s why ESTATENVY worked with an interior designer to come up with a solution: bring the outdoors in. Christine Porter of JP Interiors provides her insight on how to incorporate common garden and landscaping elements into an apartment.

One of the easiest ways to make a family room living space feel quaint and outdoorsy is to repurpose tools and items from their natural garden habitat.

“My favorite repurposing trick is to use a garden stool instead of an end table,” said Porter. “It’s a more affordable choice and offers an interesting way to add a pop of color.”

Outdoor rugs, curtains and pillows are also perfect for inside utilization. It’s another opportunity to add bright colors and prints, and they may even be more sustainable in the long run due to sturdier textiles. Porter also pointed out that outdoor furniture accessories are extremely easy to clean, which makes them both dog and family-friendly.

In addition to the more straightforward design elements, Porter has suggestions for creating the calming atmosphere outdoor gardens often provide. Garden lights, for example, bring an ethereal garden atmosphere that you can easily duplicate inside.

“It may seem obvious, but you can hang string lights with some clear Command hooks to add that brightness and sparkle without damaging rental walls,” Porter said.

Porter also suggests using outdoor lanterns paired with LED candles if string lights don’t fit your apartment’s aesthetic to add additional lighting to your space. In the event of a faux fireplace, lanterns can be arranged in the opening to offer a fiery glow in lieu of sparking a match. A small fountain can also bring the outdoors inside while adding some relaxing ambient noise.

Using natural items to embellish your apartment will also help achieve alfresco appeal. Installing a garden wall is great for not only adding texture to an otherwise ordinary paint job, but also as a tool for growing herbs in your kitchen. Among other natural garden items to incorporate are sticks, stones, soil or sand.

“I love to fill vases with pretty stones I find, but you can also use those elements to decorate picture frames or fill catch dishes,” said Porter.

Apartment dwellers should still be able to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors, and it’s perfectly doable with just a few small installations.