Architectural Digest: The Biggest Garden Trends of 2017

From going green to ditching lawns, these are the gardening trends to be aware of as the spring and summer months approach.

Over the past few years, consumers have become more interested in creating outdoor living spaces instead of traditional gardens. Backyards and green space are no longer just for plants—they’re meant to be an extension of the home.

Architectural Digest spoke with landscape architects to determine where this outdoor living space trend is headed in 2017. One of this year’s biggest predictions is that lawns are becoming things of the past. Homeowners are no longer interested in the upkeep associated with large green spaces. However, they are interested in incorporating unique plants into their gardens. Consumers are becoming more educated about the industry, which means that they’re willing to experiment with different types of plants and plant families.

Experts are also predicting that in an effort to go green, consumers are more interested in plants that are pulling double duty in 2017. Instead of opting for flowers or plants just because of their look, people are also interested in incorporating plants that are good for the environment or provide another fruit or flower into their yards.

Kate Anne Riemer of Kate Anne Designs told Architectural Digest in an interview, “It’s becoming trendy to recycle, upcycle, and repurpose materials from your existing home or garden. On each of my projects, I always upcycle at least one item. This ranges from reusing aged, extinct brick to turning an indoor mirror into an outdoor mirror. I feel like part of having a hip garden is being kind to the environment, not wasting water, and recycling where you can.”

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