Mashable: This Sky Pool in Houston is Raising the Bar for Luxury Apartment Amenities

The glass pool is positioned 40 stories above the ground and gives swimmers a view of the street below them.

When it comes to selling luxury apartments, real estate developers are known for adding in top of the line amenities that are hard for buyers and renters to ignore. But according to Mashable, there’s a unique feature at the Market Square Tower in Houston that’s getting a lot of attention.

The developers behind the building added a sky pool to its list of amenities. Positioned 40 stories above Houston, the pool has a glass bottom that gives swimmers a view of the street far below them. The sky pool extends 10 feet away from the building, and uses an eight-inch-thick plexiglass bottom so that swimmers can stay safe while swimming in the air.

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Photo courtesy of Market Square Tower on Facebook.