The New York Times: Lenny Kravitz is Now an Interior Designer

The rocker turned actor’s design firm, Kravitz Designs, is taking on its first residential project in New York.

From Grammy-winning rock star to successful actor, there’s no shortage of titles that can be used to describe Lenny Kravitz. And now, he’s adding another one to that list: interior designer.

Kravitz Design, an interior and product design firm created by the rocker, has taken on its first multi-unit residential designing project in New York. The firm is in charge of creating the overall vibe and feel for a new luxury condominium that’s replacing a parking garage at the northeast corner of Mulberry and Kenmare Streets. And Kravitz’s vision for the building is fit for A-list celebrities.

“It’s really about trying to capture some of that original downtown feel that I experienced in the ‘80s,” said Kravitz to the New York Times. He continued, “We definitely wanted to mix several different things together to get a more sensual feel. Things you can touch and feel. I wanted it to be moody, sexy, warm.”

To bring that vision to life, Kravitz utilized juxtapose rough and refined surfaces as well as mixed materials. And even though this is his first residential project, it’s not his first time dabbling in design. Kravitz Design was originally founded back in 2003, with previous projects including wallpaper for Flavor Paper, furniture for CB2, a chandelier for Swarovski and a watch for Rolex.

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Photo courtesy of Redundant Pixel.