Small In-Home Fixes that Could Lead to Big Savings

By spending just a few dollars now, you could save thousands of dollars later.

Everyone has experienced that moment when something breaks and you think, “If I’d only done x, y or z.” And while there are plenty of joys that come along with home ownership, it doesn’t come without its unexpected, incredibly expensive maintenance costs. No longer can you simply call the landlord or expect that leaky sink to fix itself.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do now to avoid some major financial burdens later.

Resurface old/outdated kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces

Addressing the state of the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom is two-fold. On one hand, having updated surfaces will add value to your home. On the other hand, not taking care of loose tiling or weak grout can result in decay, which means you’ll need to completely replace those surfaces.

Rather than replacing countertops and shower or tub surfaces, consider using a service like Miracle Method, which refinishes surfaces rather than starting from scratch. Investing in updates like this cost less than replacing, and squash the fear of potential issues incurring later.

“I would say resurfacing is usually about 70 percent cheaper than replacing,” says Miracle Method franchisee Brian Weber. He also says there are a number of potential surface issues in your bathroom and kitchen that may have never even occurred to you.

“If you have manufactured countertops that aren’t 100 percent flat, moisture will roll back and cause mold and decay,” says Weber. “We simply fix the seam at the back of the countertop and you no longer have to worry about negative effects. It’s a huge money saver that most people just never think about. The greatest damage to your house is a leak or fire. At Miracle Method, we take steps to ensure leaks cause minimal damage in our clients’ homes.”

Install insulation

For many, heating and cooling bills are a major financial drain, especially in places with extremely hot or cold climates. Investing in insulation might seem a little costly, but will help you save money in the long run. It can cost around $500 to install insulation in your own home.

Stop leaky toilets

Did you know that issues with your toilet that may just seem like small annoyances could lead to major leaking and overall plumbing catastrophes? If your toilet never stops flushing or if there’s too much water in the bowl, make sure to address that in order to avoid money-pit problems later.

When a toilet flushes listlessly, more often than not, it has to do with a buildup of calcium and sediment blocking the hole under the rim. Use a small brush with stiff bristles to clean out this area, which will lead to a much more functioning toilet.

If a toilet has a septic tank, it’s important to ensure the septic tank doesn’t fill up too quickly, causing leaks. More often than not, it’s an issue with the flapper not sealing properly, which can easily be replaced for around $5.

Avoid water damage behind washing machines

After a cycle completes, the water drains out through a hose behind your washing machine. If that hose comes loose, water will fill the area behind the machine, potentially causing electrical damage while also harming flooring and walls.

By attaching a standpipe, which is usually a $7 to $15 wall insert, you’re ensuring the hose stays attached. The type of damage that can happen as a result of leaks like this can cost thousands of dollars.