New Year, New You: How Interior Designer Lindsey Cheek Plans to Refresh Her Home for the New Year

When December 26 rolls around, Cheek is on a mission to take her home from festive and jolly to polished and bright with fun patterns, cozy textures and vibrant colors.

Step into the New Year with a new home—well, kind of. You could only wish they had an endless amount of cash to spend on a grand home makeover. But, there are painless and budget-friendly approaches you could take to enhance a room’s beauty.

According to Lindsey Cheek, Founder and Principal Designer for Gathered Group, you don’t need a complete home makeover in order to refresh your home for the New Year. Cheek believes it’s important to revamp and declutter your home every now and then, and the post-holiday season is the perfect time to do just that.
“Compared to the summer months, people spend more time [during the holiday season] inside the home decorating and getting ready to host holiday parties,” said Cheek. “But right after Christmas, it’s the perfect time to prep the home for the New Year by introducing new design elements into your space.”
Unlike those that like to keep their Christmas decor up until February, you can find Cheek packing and organizing her holiday decorations on December 26. You may be surprised at how much room a tree, garland and other Christmas knick-knacks take up—when it’s all stored away, you might be shocked at how empty your space feels.
“To fill the gaps in my house where my Christmas decor was, I like to bring in big potted plants,” said Cheek. “Plants add a sense of life and freshness to any space.”
Before refreshing her home with new furnishings, Cheek likes to declutter and deep clean. She recommends keeping the pieces you simply can’t live without and ridding the rest. After organizing from top to bottom, the fun part begins—shopping for new home accessories!
“I usually get new throw pillows, cushions and bedding that don’t scream ‘winter’ time,” said Cheek. “New bedding makes a huge impact in a bedroom and I think it’s important that everyone invests in new bedding every once in a while.”
Along with bedding, Cheek suggests “finding an artist that speaks to you” and hanging new artwork on your lonely walls.
When it comes to refreshing her clients’ homes and working on future Gathered Group projects, Cheek is looking forward to creating more defined rooms. Instead of an open layout that combines a living room, dining room and kitchen, Cheek wants to make each room its own unique space.
“I think defined spaces makes a room more special,” said Cheek. “It’s sort of a throwback to the more traditional homes like colonial or tudor, but we’re able to do it in a modern way.”
Cheek also plans on refreshing her clients’ spaces with customized decor pieces, such as lighting fixtures. Gathered Group has built relationships throughout the years with small scale lighting vendors in cities such as Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Atlanta, who craft stunning fixtures that stand out from what’s currently on the market. Light is what brings life to a room and makes a space comfortable and bright. One of Cheek’s favorite lighting companies is Allied Maker, a contemporary lighting studio based in New York.
Building beautiful homes will always be Cheek’s passion. Whether it’s a simple refresh or starting from scratch, Cheek doesn’t know what she’d be doing if it wasn’t interior design.
“We’re changing people’s lives and creating beautiful environments for people to live in,” said Cheek. “Homes are where the most memories are created. Whether you’re fighting with your husband, then making up with your husband, having your inlaws comes over, whatever it may be—you’re creating lifelong memories. It’s important to be living in a space that makes you happy.”